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Life is a mosaic of moments, shared with those we love, and arranged by that greatest of storytellers: memory. We, as photographers or mere mortal photography-lovers, understand the value of capturing a moment, not just for immediate consumption, but as a way of preserving a part of the past, a part of memory, to show to the future: this is how I looked then, this is what we did, this is how the world seemed to me.

SlickPic was created by a group of like-minded photographers and photography-enthusiasts who wanted a service that wouldn't force them to conform to a certain style or niche, but one that would allow them the freedom to use their photos to tell whatever stories they want. They wanted a service that was capable of storing, showcasing, sharing, and displaying photos in all the different ways people use photos: some are meant just for family, some are taken for friends, and some are made for the world to see.

Because the founders wanted to improve on what was available at the time, they chose to focus on absolute security, stunning visual quality, and the freedom to be whatever kind of photographer you want--from novice to pro, or both. So, in September 2010, they launched SlickPic and started telling their stories.

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