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One solution for all your photography needs

  • A cutting-edge gallery with unlimited albums for projects, events, travels, personal use and clients.
  • A professional portfolio website built ground up for photographers, so your photos get noticed.
  • Photo-sharing that you control, including disappearing albums.
  • Public/private albums and collections with password protection, watermarks, right-click-save, hide owner, and more privacy and security.
  • Built specifically for photographers, no coding required.
  • And more... All the features you could possibly need.

What Photographers
Are Saying

The SlickPic Difference

SlickPic was built specifically for photographers. That means you get a set of pro-grade photography services, settings, and functionality that you won’t find anywhere else. What do we mean? Well...

Most website builders are general purpose, so anyone from plumbers to lawyers can use them. But SlickPic was created specifically for photographers and their portfolios.

Most photo gallery sites are general purpose sites, where your photos compete with millions of others. But SlickPic provides a standalone personal photo gallery that preserves the quality of your work and where photographers and their photos are front and center.

Most file-sharing sites are general purpose drag-and-drop file sharing sites. But SlickPic was designed for the many different ways photographers share their photos with an emphasis on the quality of the images.

We offer everything in an all-in-one package. Store all your photos in one place and use them for everything — your portfolio, event gallery, private photo sharing, private client work.

Everything is optimized for photographers like you and includes hundreds of settings you can customize, so your SlickPic account can grow with you.

Create Your Portfolio Website

Build a professional portfolio quickly and easily. SlickPic’s quick and easy website builder lets you create a beautiful portfolio website in minutes, without any coding. Show off your work with our elegant themes. In just a few minutes, your professional portfolio website is mobile-ready, with all the features and tools you need to grow your photography.

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Create Customizable Galleries

Get a gallery with all the customizations you need. Drag & drop to create new albums for different audiences, like personal, family, or travel photos, and client photo shoots. Choose the privacy for each album from public, private, and unlisted and even password-protect them.

Let your clients easily view, proof, share, and download images.

Share Photos Exactly How You Want

Share photos exactly how and with whom you want.

Control who can share your shared images and turn off access to your images for specific people. Share disappearing albums to control for exactly how long your album is viewable. Everything you need to share smart.

All-In-One Photo Storage For All Your Photography Needs

No need to subscribe to multiple services. Just upload your photos once and choose which of them to use for your portfolio, your gallery, and for public or private sharing.

What The Experts Are Saying

Just A Few Of Our Awesome Features

  • No Ads in Gallery

    Enjoy an uncluttered gallery experience, with no ads in your albums and collections. Display your photos the way they were meant to be seen, without distracting ads.

  • Professional Portfolio Website

    Select from the multiple themes and easily customize your website pages by dragging ready to use blocks on the pages. Duplicate and customize pages to make your site unique. Simple and easy, no coding required.

  • 3 Levels of Sub-Albums and Sub-Collections

    Have too many albums? Organize them by putting some albums into other albums. For example, organize by year by putting all albums from that year into one album. Or create a “Trips” album and put all your trip photos there - you can even put a sub-album inside another sub-album.

  • Group Upload

    Going to events with friends or have multiple photographers shooting an event? Enable Group Upload on any album and invite people to upload to your album. Limit the number of users or how many photos each user can upload. Generate a QR code to print it as a tabletop card. Your guests can even upload by email.

  • Personalized Web Address

    You want people to remember you, and that starts with having an easy-to-remember web address. Because this is your page, we want you to come first in the address, not us. That's why your personalized link starts with your screen name.

  • Custom Domain

    Every premium customer is already enjoying domains personalized with their screen names, but now you can forward your personal domain to your gallery, so your web address could look like this:

  • Privacy and Security

    SlickPic gives you total control of your privacy and offers customizable viewing restrictions, so you can choose exactly what visitors see on the site. Choose Public, Unlisted or Private visibility settings. Password protect albums for even more control.

  • Disappearing Albums

    We provide control of the visibility of your photos even after they've been shared, using features like links to albums timed to expire (disappearing albums) or links limiting the number of viewers.

  • Share Albums and Collections Anonymously

    Hide your Screen Name and the path to your gallery from the page navigation. Viewers will still be able to comment on your photos and send you messages, but they will not see your name.

  • Right Click Save Protection

    Right Click Saving enables people to save your photos to their computers without your permission. Disable Right Click Save to protect your images from unwanted downloads.

  • Limit Viewing Photo Size to Keep Originals Safe

    Select the maximum photo display size regardless of what size has been uploaded to SlickPic. There is also an option to enable photo download and limit the download size.

  • Dynamic Watermarks and Borders

    SlickPic lets you add custom watermarks and image borders to your images online. Unique to SlickPic, the watermarks аnd borders could be applied to albums or individual photos. It works like other settings and can be turned on or off on the fly, immediately taking effect. It is useful when you want to sign your photos or need to protect your copyrights.

  • Integrated Google Analytics

    Google Analytics statistics help you see and analyze your visitor traffic to paint a complete image of your audience, their likes, and their behavior.

  • Your Personal Brand Name

    Build your brand, grow your business, and personalize your gallery by replacing the SlickPic logo in your gallery with your personal brand name or logo.

  • Upload RAW Files

    RAW files are not designed to be viewed without conversion to JPEG format, but it’s always a good idea to upload the RAW files of the images you want to preserve. We allow uploading RAW files and even generate JPEG previews for them.

  • Plug-ins for Third Party Software

    Using a third-party editing and organizational tools? We provide plug-ins for Adobe© Lightroom©, Photo Mechanic©, Windows Gallery. Apps for iPhone and Android.

  • HD Video

    Although we are a photography site, we allow uploading videos along with your photographs.

  • Trash Can

    While the trash can is available on any desktop computer, having it on a website is quite rare. If you accidentally delete a photograph, you can restore it from the trash can.

  • SEO Setup

    To increase your visibility on the search engines, you can optimize your page setting for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You May Be Wondering (FAQs)

  • What is a portfolio website?
    A portfolio website is firstly a website with a unique web address, site menu and your photos. It might consist of one or more portfolio pages and galleries; most likely it will have the standard About and Contact pages. There could be a link to a clients’ gallery or a Personal Photos gallery. SlickPic gives you all the freedom to create your portfolio and gallery, and share your photos the way you want. All in one, easy-to-use package.

  • Why do I need a portfolio website and a gallery?
    A portfolio website is only for your top photos. Whether it’s a one page portfolio or multiple pages, it’s your passport into the online photography world. It’s the best of what you have to offer and this is what you would show the world--everyone from people you meet to family and friends or potential clients. This is what you might want to include a link to in an email footer or on your business card, so people can see your absolute best work.

    A gallery, on the other hand, is what you need to store and share all your photos, not just the best ones. It could be shared with the world the same as a portfolio, but it doesn’t have to be. Inside a gallery, you will have albums for every photoshoot, trip, wedding, or family function you choose to upload. This is what you can share with friends and family, either privately, publicly, or ephemerally, meaning they disappear automatically. You could also ask your friends to upload to your albums in case of group trips and weddings, for example.

  • Why do I need a portfolio if I'm not trying to get a job as a photographer? Is SlickPic only for pros?
    SlickPic is for all photographers, no matter what stage you’re at, whether you’re just starting out or looking to amp up your photography career, because a portfolio website is key to tracking your progress and showing your best work to the world. It’s also how photographers keep track of their own best work, so they can improve.

    Most of the people on SlickPic are hobbyists, or beginner to advanced photographers, and yes, some pros and aspiring pros (aka people who’d like to make money off photography one day, but already have a different full-time job so they’re doing this on the side).

  • I’m pretty new to photography. Will I be lost at SlickPic? Will it be over my head?
    Not at all. SlickPic was designed with all levels of photographers in mind, from the newest to the most seasoned. We provide you with all the tools pros need, but we make sure it’s simple and easy to use for anyone.

  • Why not use a regular website builder that has themes for photographers?
    These photography themes, of which there are only a few, are mostly style and not enough substance. At least not for photographers. Functionality-wise, they’re the same themes these sites offer for general website building, just with a different look. They build good general websites, but unlike SlickPic, they are not built with photographers in mind and don’t offer any of the functionality photographers actually need.

  • What if I'm shy or not sure if my photos are good enough?
    If you judge your photos against millions of the best photos online, you’ll never win.

    But if you choose your best photos and put them in your own standalone website or a personal gallery, then that’s a different story. Why? Because instead of competing with million of images on social sites, you’ll have your own gallery where you don’t have to compete with anyone. You’ll be showcasing your photos intentionally, the way they’re supposed to be seen.

    Have you ever compared the quality of different TVs for sale at a store? You quickly see which TV is better and which is worse. But take any TV home and any one of them will look excellent. The same idea works for photographers. When your photos are in a standalone photography website or personal online gallery—they’ll look good.

    Are you shooting with a digital camera? Then your photos are already better than millions and millions of photos taken by smartphones.

    Now just upload your better photos to a standalone gallery and see the difference.

About SlickPic

SlickPic is an all-in-one service for photographers to create beautiful, professional portfolio websites and galleries without any coding.

Made for photographers of all levels and stripes, SlickPic makes it easy to showcase, share, and grow your work online. Learn more