Sharpen Your Photography Skills, Knowledge and Passion

Sharpen Your Photography Skills, Knowledge and Passion
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1704, 2023

Photography News April 17, 2023

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Photography News April 17, 2023 Quote: "The value of composition cannot be over estimated; upon it depends the harmony and the sentiment. Instruments and mediums can be had for a price; originality, creative faculty, poetic feeling, can come from only one source, but they can be lost if they be not cherished.” – Gertrude Käsebier Articles: Using Juxtaposition for Your Landscape Photography Photographing Men – Inside Fashion and Beauty Photography by Lindsay Adler   Practical Guide to Understanding Light Modifiers   How I Got The Shot – Soccer Star   How to shoot Powder Paint Portraits   How to Add [...]

1204, 2023

Photography News April 12, 2023

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Photography News April 12, 2023 Quote: “All judgments of artistic merits are rooted in bias. Being subjective by nature, they can't be anything other than that. If we had measurable, quantifiable ways to decide the value of art, there would be no need for critics or contests or opinions.” – Tim Parkin Articles: Image Stabilization is measured in Stops, what does this mean?   How to be an Impressionist Photographer   Birds in Flight (BiF) Photography Tips   Pose Friends For Powerful Portraits (Tips From A Pro)   How I Got The Shot: Flour Child   3 Quick Fixes [...]

304, 2023

Photography News April 3, 2023

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Photography News April 3, 2023 Quote: ”If everyone loves your work, you are playing it much too safe.” - David Carson and many others Articles: How a tiny company with few rules is making fake images mainstream – think about the ethics of photography and related. Fix Your Photos With Selective Image Transformations How Your Camera and Image Processor Determine Colors What Makes a Great Portrait? With Scott Kelby – B&H Photo Video   Extreme Macro the Easy Way   Why RAW images look so flat compared to Jpeg images straight out of camera   Minimum Shutter Speed Rule The old "1/focal length = minimum shutter speed" rule was made [...]

2703, 2023

Photography News March 27, 2023

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Photography News March 27, 2023 Quote: “You can not just study photography, you have to do it” – paraphrased by Greg Edwards Articles:Tips for Styling Your Exhibition Displays with MetalPrints, Acrylic Prints and More – An ad but very good info Studio Photography with a Professional Ballerina / Behind the Scenes   Editing Backdrops (studio shoots)   Using textures in Photoshop – Excellent Intro, older version of Photoshop   How to Shoot Amazing Dance Photos That Will Go Viral   Blown Out Highlights? This is the Key To Perfect Exposures – Histograms and Zebras   Sharp Photos Every Time With These Simple Steps   [...]

2003, 2023

Art 4 Why Take Photos?

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Why Take Photos I thought about whether or not I wanted to title this article “Why Take Photos” or “Who Do You Take Photos.” Either way, the answer might change based on how long you’ve been taking pictures.  In the beginning of my journey as a photographer, I think I would have answered differently than I would now.  But, the key is to make sure the reason begins and ends with you.   How I began Taking Photos In the beginning of my journey as a photographer, I enjoyed capturing moments that came up organically.  I might capture a picture of [...]

2003, 2023

Photography News March 20, 2023

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Photography News March 20, 2023 Quote: “After all, the goal is not making art. It is living a life. Those who live their lives will leave the stuff that is really art. Art is a result. It is the trace of those who have led their lives. It is interesting to us because we read the struggle and the degree of success the man made in his struggle to live. The great question is: 'What is worthwhile?' The majority of people have failed to ask themselves seriously enough, and have failed to try seriously enough to answer this question.” – Robert Henri Articles: Create [...]

1303, 2023

Photography News March 13, 2023

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Photography News March 13, 2023 Quote: "Achieve the mystery of stillness, and you can experience a dynamic interaction with the life force that goes far beyond intellectual thought and touches the deepest wells of existence.” – Paul Caponigro Articles: How Rethinking the (Outdated) Exposure Triangle Can Give You More Flexibility ISO Invariance Explained – this may help with the above article How Your Cameras’ Focus Bracketing System Works If Mirrorless Is the Future of the Camera, then the Smartphone Is the Future of Photography The Photo Secession and Other Historical Club   3 Ways to Add Atmosphere to Studio Shoots – Lindsay Adler   Rules of Composition aren’t rules, but [...]

2702, 2023

Photography News February 27, 2023

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Photography News February 27, 2023 Quote: “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” — Ansel Adams Articles: Pick Me, Pick Me: Tips for getting your work into juried shows – found by Chris What Software Do You Really Need? – Thom Hogan How Edward Weston Captured His Iconic Images   Richard Learoyd takes us inside his giant homemade camera   Transform your Black and White Photography   Mood. Boards – Lindsay Adler Artist of the Week: This Photoshoot Did Not Go As Planned – Vincent Peters The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

1302, 2023

Photography News February 13, 2023

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Photography News February 13, 2023 Quote: “Knowing what I know now, any photographer worth his salt could make some beautiful things with pinhole cameras.” – Ansel Adams Articles: Five Tips to Prevent a Photo Shoot Disaster Six Photoshop Features All Photographers Must Master Fine Art Photographer Documentary – Nicholas Teetelli   Camera-less Nature Photography: An Art Project Inspired by Imogen Cunningham   #MuseumFromHome: Hal Fischer + Erin O'Toole Talk Thought Pieces   The difference between TAKING or MAKING an image   Artist the Week: Daan Hansen The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

602, 2023

Photography News February 6, 2023

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Photography News February 6, 2023 Quote: “If you can’t get excellent output on an 8K display with any current 24mp or greater camera, it isn’t the camera.” – Thom Hogan Articles: Will I Miss the Extra 100mm? – Them Hogan 5 Pro Tips for Taking Studio Headshots The Importance of Location Scouting in Landscape Photography   Wide Angle Mistakes to Avoid in Landscape Photography   Different Types of Softboxes – Ask David Bergman   Ultra Long Exposure Made Simple – 9m   Artist of the Week: Ruth Bernhard The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

3001, 2023

Photography News January 30, 2023

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Photography News January 30, 2023 Quote: “I hope that my work will encourage self-expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us.” – Ansel Adams Articles: What Makes a Great Travel Photo? – Scott Kelby, 1hr   Conceptual & Post Processing – Aaron Nace Composing for Crop: Start With the End Consider the Crop: Don't Be a Slave to Your Sensor Aspect Ratio Understanding How Sensor Size Affects Depth of Field Lightstands Versus C-Stands? When you Should Choose One Over the Other – LensRentals   Artist of the Week: Edweard Muybridge – pioneered motion technology The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one [...]

2301, 2023

Photography News January 23, 2023

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Photography News January 23, 2023 Quote: “Image quality is not the product of a machine, but of the person who directs the machine, and there are no limits to imagination and expression.” – Ansel Adams Articles: Do Lenses Have Character? – Thom Hogan Still No Global Shutter? – Thom Hogan Brooke Shaden – Dark Art   Use THIS Finishing Touch for a Huge Difference in Your Photos – Scott Kelby   The Business of Fine Art Photography – Thomas Werner, 1h 36m   Fine Art Street Photography – 1st lesson, Gary Gough, 27m   Artist of the Week: Larry Sultan – “…how a life was lived against how a life was dreamed.” – Home [...]

1701, 2023

Photography News January 17, 2023

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Photography News January 17, 2023   Quote: “I always use a polarizing filter for rainbows. Rotated the standard way, where it darkens the blue sky and cuts reflections, a polarizer will make a rainbow disappear. But rotated 90 degrees from that it will actually enhance the rainbow slightly.” – Michael Frye Articles: Which Aspect Ratio is Correct? – Thom Hogan, 2nd half is important   Making Photos with a Painterly Look   Renaissance Painting inspired Portrait – Lindsay Adler   Creating that Landscape Soft Glow Look Fine Art & Conceptual Photography – Alex Stoddard   How to shoot fine art portraits in your home [...]

901, 2023

Photography News January 9, 2023

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Photography News January 9, 2023   Quote: "I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?” – Vincent van Gogh Articles: Two Approaches to Photography – Thom Hogan Complaining the Rule of Thirds is Boring? If So, You are Missing the Point What is Needed for a High-Resolution Monitor and Why   Landscape Photography Composition - 'S' Curve   9 photo composition tips – featuring Steve McCurry   How To Take Your Photo Composition To The Next Level – with help from Steve McCurry   Test Your New Camera Gear Before Too Late Get some new gear? Open it and [...]

401, 2023

Photography News January 4, 2023

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Photography News January 4, 2023   Quote: “Photography Finding Beauty in Everything” by Tutor Smith   Articles: What to Expect in 2023 – Thom Hogan How to Create Hard Shadows and Soft Shadows in Your Photography Super Sharp Shadows – studio, but maybe transferable   Why is TTL Flash so Inconsistent? – Ask David Bergman – 13m   3 Creative and Effective One-light Portrait Photography Setups The Upside of Brand Loyalty For Photographers and Filmmakers Get a New Camera? Confused by all the Controls and Settings? In practice most photographers only use a fraction of the possible number of controls and settings on their cameras. For example, [...]

1912, 2022

Photography News December 19, 2022

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Photography News December 19, 2022 Quote: “I can look at a fine art photograph and sometimes I can hear music.” – Ansel Adams Articles: Locations vs. Landscapes in Outdoor Photography – Erin Babnik, 54m   Landscape Photography in the FOG is Awesome! – 12m   Doing this will make your portraits pop and come to life – found by Jack Sampson, 9m   How to Take long exposures without filters – 24m   Composition :: Rule of Odds – 14m   History of Digital Cameras and Digital Imaging – found by Thomas Ronay   Artist of the Week: Gavin Hardcastle – funny and the video shows multiple failures that you can learn [...]

712, 2022

Photography News December 12, 2022

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Photography News December 12, 2022 Quote: “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” – Ansel Adams Articles: Which filters do you really need for landscape photography?   Composition – simplification and negative space   How to see the photographer with Stephen Shore   Art thieves and ransoms – the murky world of stolen art   5 tips for taking amazing photographs at night My not quite complete protective filter article by Roger Cicala   Artist or Art Field of the Week: Richard Avedon – In The American West The content of this blog post done in [...]

512, 2022

Photography News December 5, 2022

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Photography News December 5, 2022 Quote: "A photograph can be something in itself – it can exist independently as a photograph apart from the subject; it can take on a life of its own, aside from its documentary value.” – Francis Bruguière Articles: Fine Art Photography Clevedon Marine Lake – 13m   Street Photography masterclass with Nick Turpin – 29m   Minimalistic Baby Cake Smash – 8m   Magnum Reflector Fashion Shoot – Lindsay Adler   Full Length, Even Light, Small Studio Portraits   Setting Up an Optical Testing Station – LensRentals, includes link to a high quality ISO 12233 optical [...]

3011, 2022

Photography News November 30, 2022

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Photography News November 30, 2022 Quote: “The best picture is around the corner. Like prosperity.” — Ansel Adams Articles: How to Test Your Gear At Home – LensRentals My Favorite Gray Seamless Background – Lindsay Adler, good into to tonality and coolness of Gray, also feathering, large reflectors, simple color grading   Creating A Fine Art Portrait and Photographing Children – 9m   Celebrating the B&W Print with Kim Weston   How to Improve Your Black and White Street Photography, Without Being Obnoxious Comparing Studio Strobes and Constant Lighting for Photography Artist or Art Field of the Week: Group f.64  The content of this blog [...]

2111, 2022

Photography News November 21, 2022

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Photography News November 21, 2022 Quote: “There's never bad light, you simply need to adapt to what you're given.” – Alan Schaller and others Articles: How I Photograph Painterly Portraits in My Small Living Room – 15m   How I Vastly Improved My Portrait Photography (4 Secrets!) – 10m   Do Landscape Photographers Even Need Photoshop?   Pro Secrets – Photo printed gradients!?!? – Some interesting ideas   How to Quickly Ruin Your Camera and Lens – LensRentals Street Photographer: '99% of My Photos are Terrible’   Artist or Art Field of the Week: Brian Adams   The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one [...]