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1901, 2017

Nifty Fifty Lens: Why Get the 50mm Prime

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The 50mm prime lens which is also called the Nifty Fifty Lens has been a staple of countless photographers since it was first introduced. I started with a Pentax ME Super that came with a Pentax-A 50mm F1.7 lens around two decades ago. Even to this day, the 50mm lens is still found in the camera bags of a majority of photographer of every genre. In my opinion, every photographer should have one or at least owned one in this lifetime. So what makes the nifty fifty lens great? Why do we recommend it to most hobbyists starting out? Here [...]

1801, 2017

How to Get the Perfect Pet Pictures

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Perfecting Pet Photo Shoots If you think your puppy has what it takes to become the next Instagram star, follow these simple guidelines to get that perfect puppy photo.   Get on Their Level Puppies see the world differently, so it’s important to capture that when going in for the photo. Whether that’s setting up a tripod low to the ground or lying on the floor for that perfect puppy picture, make sure the camera is on their level. You’ll get a better photo without too much negative space and a really great depth of field: The focus will be [...]

1701, 2017

Hitting your Next Baseball Photography Shoot out of the Park

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Baseball photography can be a bit of a challenge for a new comer, but it doesn’t have to be. Following these basic pieces of advice you will be getting top pictures of baseball players, and can add capturing baseball to your sports photography repertoire. Location and Timing When it comes to photographing any sport being at the right place at the right time is a big part for success. For baseball you either want to be behind home plate or along the third base line. These positions give you the best angles to get top action shots. The main action [...]

1601, 2017

Get The Hang Of Using a Manual Focus Lens

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These days, most photographers tend to stay away from manual focus lenses like it was a plague. They can’t be blamed, though, due to the influx of modern lenses with blazing auto focus speeds faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. But hey, focusing a lens manually is actually a good thing. Here’s a list of tips that will help you develop your manual focusing and improve your photography skills. Use Your Camera’s Live View Function One of the great things modern DLSR cameras have is its live view option. Basically, the huge LCD behind your camera can be used as [...]

1501, 2017

Visit Helsinki, Finland

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Visit Helsinki. Helsinki is a city middle of nature. A lot of trees, green parks and more. What to visit in Helsinki and where to go to take photographs: visit Eira, Kaivopuisto park, Suomenlinna fortress, Kauppatori, museums, city centre and shopping mall in Kamppi zone, Vuosaari. Eira is a beautiful zone in Helsinki. Houses are more expensive there. Located near all attractions of the centre by walking distance and located near Kaivopuisto park, read more about Eira. Kaivopuisto is a popular green park middle of the Helsinki city centre. The park is located near Eira and all main attractions. Walking distance [...]

1401, 2017

Leading lines to create better photos

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How leading lines improve your photos Photographs are effectively two–dimensional flat objects, but by using leading lines, you can add a lot of perspective to images. It helps with photo composition and takes the viewer on a visual journey, allowing their minds to wander deeper. The good news is that there are no real rules when it comes to lines in photography. Numerous pictures break the rules and the results are still spectacular. So play around with different perspectives and see how deliberately adding leading lines could improve your work. Leading lines can be a great way to draw [...]

1301, 2017

How to create 365 Challenge on SlickPic, Step by Step instructions

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Check out our blog post on why you should start the 365 Photo challenge: Take a photo a day – you will thank us for it later Click here for a short How-To video or continue reading for step by step instructions: 1. Go to Organizer – click Organizer on the top menu 2. Click Album Menu (1) and Create new album "Project 365"(2) Once created, refresh the screen and it will look like this: 3. Now Click the Project 365 album to open it and Create albums for the first month inside Project 365 album. Type in the month [...]

1201, 2017

How To Capture Amazing Ring Shots Right Away

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Shooting wedding and engagement ring shots need not be hard at all. In fact, with the proper equipment and a dash of creativity, you’re sure to capture that elusive image without too much effort. Here are some essential tips on how to photograph rings. Use a Macro Lens Shooting a ring and giving it justice can be extremely hard if you use a zoom or a normal prime lens. As such, it’s really important to have a macro lens in your bag to allow you to get closer to your subject. Anything that’s longer than 60mm will suffice to give [...]

1101, 2017

365 Photo challenge: Take a photo a day – you will thank us for it later

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365 Photo challenge: Take a photo a day – you will thank us for it later Why do a 365 Photo Challenge? Let’s be honest. New Year’s resolutions do not really work. We opt to do something, but as time goes by, this activity becomes less satisfying. However, if there was a way to improve your photography skills, would it be worth sticking to for an entire 365 days? This is where the 365 Photo Challenge comes in. The idea is to take and post a photo every single day. Whether you choose a certain genre to focus on or [...]

1001, 2017

Street photography essentials — capturing a moment in history

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Street photography is all about being in the right place at the right time. You are creating a portrait of a local community, a city or a whole country. You have a chance to document a part of history or to send a powerful message over social media with just one shot. So don’t waist your time. Get out there and start shooting. Here is a list of five things you should have in mind before you take your camera: Capture the decisive moment! Henri Cartier Bresson, the father of street photography, came up with the term decisive moment. But [...]