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Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2024!

Here at SlickPic, we’ve been thinking a lot about how SlickPic Academy (“SPA”) can be of the most value to photographers around the world. We started the Academy about 4 months ago and have been introducing you to world-class photographers and educators willing to share their hard-won experiences and incredible photos. Hopefully, this has given you more to think about in your own photography.

We have an ambitious SPA “roadmap” for 2024, and we’re going to kick things off strong with a cool Photo Challenge campaign. 

Think of it as a little motivator to improve your photography skills every week (or however often you want to participate). Check out this blog post on all the benefits of participating in consistent photo exercises like this challenge.

Anyone can participate and learn from the Challenge. Here are the highlights and general flow:

  • There will be 52 weekly “challenges” over the course of 2024.
  • Each week is a different challenge that requires you to capture, edit, and upload a maximum of 3 images to a weekly album. You can certainly draw from your back catalog, but we encourage you to use this as an opportunity to shoot new work!
  • The “upload” link will be shown in each week’s listing.
  • The weekly album will open up at 12:01 am PST on Monday mornings and close at 11:59 pm on the following Sunday.
  • It’s quite helpful to add titles to your images and a description.
  • If you have a SlickPic account, your SlickPic screen name will be displayed under the photo. And if you have a public gallery, clicking on your Screen Name under the photo will open your gallery (a good way to attract more attention to your gallery!)
  • For security purposes, we turned on the right-click-save protection feature of SlickPic.
  • You can upload photos at any time while the week’s challenge is open, but you’ll get the most feedback when more people check the album, so it’s best to upload early. 
  • Please check periodically for other people’s photo submissions and please Like, Rate (star), and/or Comment on them. Hopefully, these photographers will reciprocate and comment on yours, so everyone wins. The albums will remain public and visible to everyone all the time.
  • During the week, the album will be visible to the public and we encourage everyone to provide Up/Down ratings and constructive comments. That’s how we learn and grow!
  • At the end of each month, we’ll publish a “best of” album representing the images that received the most Up votes, including those that the Judges thought worthy of recognition. 
  • We’ll also schedule a live judging Zoom meeting at the end of each month with 10 photos chosen by the Judges – this is a fantastic opportunity for learning more about capturing winning images.
  • At the end of the calendar quarter, qualified professional Judges will tally the public votes as well as their own choices, and do a live critique of the top 20 images of the quarter. This will occur within the first 2 weeks of the month following the end of the quarter.
  • Prizes will be awarded for the top 5 images as chosen by the Judges. We’re still negotiating with our partners to secure specific, high-value prizes, but rest assured that we will have them in place!
  • And then… we’ll “rinse and repeat” for the next 3 quarters!
  • Should you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Throughout the year, we want to offer a mixture of traditional assignments (e.g. “Rule of Thirds”) and also some that can give you a pause, and lean into your creativity.

To give you an idea of what’s to come, the first 14 challenges (which take us to the end of Q1), are as follows:

Please enjoy the SlickPic Academy 2024 52-week Photo Challenge.



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