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I’ve been taking pictures since I received a Kodak Brownie Holiday in 1969. In college I purchased a Minolta 370, 35mm camera. I learned that I had a great eye for black and white. Until I moved onto a digital camera, years later, all of my work was in black and white—enjoying the use of contrast and shadows to tell my story. Having found photographic voice that is unique unto myself, I have won a number of ribbons and have shown my work in several shows. Photography is more than a hobby for me, it’s a passion—the way I can capture and celebrate life.
14 02, 2017


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A few years ago the debate over RAW vs DNG looked to be leaning in towards the DNG file format as the way to go. Recently that debate has been revisited by a number of people and the pendulum is swinging back towards RAW as the file format of choice.  This article will explore the pros [...]