Best Photos of 2016

//Best Photos of 2016

From landscape and wildlife to fine art photography, take a look back at our most popular Exhibit photos of the year.

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my macro world


Acorn Street by Rick Hulbert


Visitors At the Bird Bath by jgpittenger
The place we stayed in Hawaii had a big bird bath next to the lanai with frequent visitors


South of Rapid by Tony Sweet


Soft Warm Wind by Gino De Grandis


Picture 034 by Harrison Clark
A cove on the California Pacific Coast; visible only at the end of a 1/2 mile trail.


Firefall at Horsetail Fall by Andrew McDonald


Small Green Frog by SBerzin


Female Anna’s Hummingbird Sipping Nectar From A Purplish Pink Thistle Blossom by BruceFinocchio
This photograph is not in the public domain and may not be used on websites, blogs, or in other media without advance permission from Bruce Finocchio


Owl by Sade Ereg


Foggy Budapest by HiLight


Metropol Parasol by Mariah Nile


TKHACH-05104 by Sergey Photomak


Hook bay low tide by CliveHammond2446


Galapagos Isabella Feb 2016 437 by MarcelEscher895


Hoover Dam by Rahul Srivastava


Kermis Emmen 31jul2016 0050-Hersteld by Riekus Reinders


PB030077 by Jena Albazi


Rising sun over ridge at Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming by Willis Chung


Sunset over Half Dome from Glacier Point | Yosemite National Park, CA | September, 2014-5 by Somnath Mukherjee


sunken by GrahamDrew
.JPG (Av: F7.1; Tv: 1/80 http:// ISO: 100; FL: 45.0 mm) Processing: Fusion F.2 (HDR; Mode 1)


Magenta by Elaine Everly


Douro by Hugo Correia




Yosemite 1 by PrismOptics
Connecting at the top of SentinelDome


Pools of Light by MelanieLewert
Tintern Abbey in Wales is an awe inspiring place, even without having a roof overhead, and because there is no roof the floor of the abbey has this beautiful green grass that is highlighted by the sunlight that streams in from above.


ltas-2093 1200 by GaryCrabbe
Sunrise at Eagle Falls above Emerald Bay, near South Lake Tahoe, California


MOMA 15 minutes by BonnieBlake-drucker
For only 15 minutes in an April day, the sun came through the louvers above the Bell Helicopter.


Fenced In by StephenFieldingImages
Province Land Dunes, Cape Cod National Seashore; image scored 14 of 15 points in Camera Rochester juried competition


Gear Up by JKWalser


Sahara Caravan by RichardIngles


Foggy Sunrise on Lake Gitchegume by SDNowakowski
Foggy Sunrise on Lake Gitchegume in fall of 2015.


snowing by GrahamDrew
Pisley town center


Pine and Fire Fall by DaveWyman


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