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Choosing food photography backgrounds is one of the most important moments of planning the photoshoot. It will make part of the story you intend to tell and will reflect strongly on how the viewer sees the style and the subject of the frame. Truly, there are no limits for creativity and food photography props. However, if you are seeking for tips or inspiration, this article might be helpful. Here are some of the easiest and beautiful elements to use with a composition:



It could be your plan or the luck moment of finding a subject on the go. Regardless of time and ideas, paper backgrounds can look really nice on the image. They can also be used combined with other kinds of food photography backgrounds, like wood and marble.

Paper sheets are cheap photography backdrops

Paper sheets are cheap photography backdrops



Wood is definitely one of the most trendy and cool choices for your food photography backgrounds. It’s almost always gorgeous and harmonic. However, there are many varieties of wood available in the market. There are natural old looking wooden boards. I would say you will need many of these options during your trajectory with food photography, so perhaps start with a plain texture and color that will fit most of your momentary needs. Play with other cheap photography backdrops in the meantime. When you get a new shooting session and your needs change, make sure to get new ones.


Lemons on a wood board

Lemons on a wood board


Wood table and Chopping Board Combination

Still talking a little bit about wood, there is a specific combination that is quite nice for many products, like breads and sandwiches. It is the use of a wood chopping board and a wood table, generally with the same colors. It’s a great thing to try out!



Speaking about fabrics is almost like describing the wood options. It’s impossible to give an exact direction to follow in food photography. Different colors and qualities of threads will bring diverse effects. I particularly enjoy shooting plates and bowls on top of plain color fabrics. They will generally compose your background in addition with wood or other main element.


Fabric interacts with the food photography lighting

Fabric interacts with the food photography lighting



Marble is also gorgeous for food photography backgrounds and carries a lot of elegance. It generally has a neutral color and some variation points that help to dramatize the food photography. Pictures from the top look great with this material. If you already have one piece or table available to use, it’s time to give it a try! Otherwise, visit a lot of stores before buying a new one, it might be expensive.


Apple on a marble table

Apple on a marble table


Solid colors

By solid colors, I mean a card paper or some object that has only a main color to show off. You can get some white card papers and paint them, get from a design store or use the back of an object.


Play with colors and food photography lighting

Play with colors and food photography lighting


Other Textures

Other random textures, like paper, fabric, or even a landscape in the back. Also, keep an eye on the food photography lighting! The angle of you shoot might allow different perspectives and backgrounds.


Take a risk and try something different!

I know it’s great to have all planned to perform the perfect photoshoot. Even though you make sure to get all set, it’s really important to actually see how the prepared food behaves on the frame. Determine the food photography background and some elements that you want to use and play with them! Sometimes the best solution is hidden in a clearance sale just waiting for you to find it…


Play with food photography props

Play with food photography props


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Lusia Schetinger lives in Brazil and works with Culinary. One of her passions besides food is photography. So she decided to dive into this field! Luisa is at an early stage of her career, but already brings international cooking experience and have clients around the World. She loves to explore the infinite angles that photography can show.


  1. Jonathan February 3, 2017 at 12:46 PM - Reply

    Is there any guideline to choose the best background option?

  2. mm
    Luisa Schetinger February 3, 2017 at 11:46 PM - Reply

    Hi, there is not a perfect choice or wrong decision. You need to set it according the main colors you have, combinations and the story you intend to tell. The best guideline is to have more than one plan and try them.

  3. Wafa January 22, 2019 at 12:46 AM - Reply

    Dear Lusia

    Thanks, dear for sharing an Amazing post I ever read..this post having very useful information for me to develop my photography skills. Truly said that every photographer has its own photography background and skills which make him unique from others like you.

    Wish you all the best!

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