Be More Creative With Your Macro Lens

//Be More Creative With Your Macro Lens

Getting creative with your macro lens may seem daunting at first, especially if you’re used to using other focal lengths. Heck, it may be the hardest thing if you have no idea what you’re doing. But don’t you worry because there’s a ton of things you can do with this kind of lens in your free time. Here are a couple of cool macro photography ideas you can achieve.


Be More Creative With Your Macro Lens

Always keep an eye on patterns when you’re shooting with your macro lens. The more intricate and detailed, the better.


Look for patterns

What do you see when you look at a that old cross stitch artwork your grandma made? If you’re not into that kind of hobby, there’s not much that might capture your interest. But don’t look away because with a macro lens attached to your camera, there’s something you can capture that may be more than meets the eye.

First off, go closer and look at the intricate patterns made. Frame your shot properly and snap away. The result will be something you’d never expect.


Be More Creative With Your Macro Lens

A flower is always a good still subject when shooting macro.

Go outside and be one with nature

The moment you step out of your house, and into the wild outdoors, is one filled with endless possibilities when it comes to macro shots. There are a lot of choices you can go to, actually. From an interesting flower you saw in the garden to a tiny spider weaving its web, you’re sure to have a good number of shots afterwards.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can climb a mountain or wade down the nearest river for something out of the ordinary. This will give you an opportunity to flex your photography skills and help you be inspired.


Document your collection

As a kid, I’d save up my allowance to buy toys. Even as I grew up, I never lost my passion for these action figures and the exhilarating feeling of enlarging my toy collection. In my case, I love to tinker around with my toys and capture them in all sorts of poses with my macro lens.

You can do this too with your hobby. Whether it’s lego minifigures, dolls, seashells, old coins or stamps, and what not, you’ll have absolute freedom to take quality images and have fun with your collection.


Create your own macro studio

You might think shooting small stuff in a controlled environment can drain your wallet faster than a lightning bolt. Sure, that may be the case but you can be resourceful and invest in things you can buy at the handyman store for your creative macro shots. You can buy a clean sheet of white paper, set it up as your background. Add a couple of slave flashes or any steady source of artificial light and you’re good to go.


Be More Creative With Your Macro Lens

Shoot portraits using a macro lens and focus more on your subject’s details


Take Very Close Portraits

Whoever said you can’t use a macro lens to photograph people? In fact, you can capture another side to their personality by shooting their eyes or smile. The end result will be something you’d never even imagined before.


At first thought, a macro lens can be somewhat limiting when it comes to photography ideas. But just like every craft in this world, rules are meant to be broken to create stunning art. If you have more macro photography tips to share, go ahead and hit me up in the comments.

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