Going to Phuket, Thailand…? Don’t forget to visit Krabi

//Going to Phuket, Thailand…? Don’t forget to visit Krabi

Write down these things to do in Krabi, so that when you travel to Thailand, you will not miss some rare adventures waiting for you on this beach. Once you arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, you would wonder whether to take a domestic flight to South or travel on land. Well, I’m a budget traveller and I enjoy staring through a bus window before I doze off. You can book a bus from Bangkok and it would take about 15 hours to reach Krabi. Most buses are comfortable but just keep in mind to keep your valuable items such as cameras, phones, and laptops with you and do not put anything valuable in the baggage compartment.

If you want to go to Phuket and first have some partying around, that’s ok, because it’s is just 3 hours away from Phuket and you still can add some rare photos to your library that most other photographers do not capture in Thailand.

Krabi is a large province in Thailand with an airport. But most travellers come to Bangkok first and travel to south. You might use Krabi airport to go back though. This is a much peaceful and less crowded place comparing to Phuket. Here you get to enjoy your time without much fear of being ripped off by a shrewd vendor or tricky thieves who aim foreigners. Go towards Aonang which is the tourist central in Krabi. Every tour starts from here and you can find any accommodation from 5 star resorts to bunker bed hostels.

Phranang beach – Krabi, Thailand

Phranang beach – Krabi, Thailand

Beyond resorts in Krabi Thailand

Of course, you are an adventurous person and that’s why you explore places where most people haven’t gone. So, pack your bag with necessary items in Aonang and get a boat to Tongsai. The beautiful beachscape for superb photography, rock climbing, deep water soloing, diving, snorkelling, kayaking and of course partying. Keep your camera water proof as you would be travelling in a boat. These boat services don’t provide life jackets so if you are not a swimmer, you better not try standing and taking photographs while the boat is on the move.
Get yourself checked in to a one of the many hotels and get ready to enjoy the place.

Tongsai beach at Krabi Thailand

Tongsai beach at Krabi Thailand

Rock climbing in Krabi

This is the beach for adrenaline junkies. If you have your own ropes start coiling it… or else, you can register at one of the mini adventure companies there. There’s one conducted by a German lady which has a very good reputation.  You have to go to the other side of Tongsai beach which is East Railey for this. You can walk on the beach or you can take the interior road which falls through a small village. I prefer the beach route as then I get to walk through a beach boulder, a jungle and pass some shallow water line. On East Railey, you will see some beautiful rock climbing spots. You can try those or you can take some beautiful photographs of people sweating over a good vertical climb. Sun is bit too harsh so you should adjust your lighting to avoid burnouts.

Rock climbing in Krabi Thailand

Rock climbing in Krabi Thailand

Water sports in Krabi Thailand

Sweaty after a good climbing period? Get a kayak and go around the islands. There are many places to rent Kayaks. This is the best way to photograph sunset behind the rocky islands in the evening. If you love to dive down to that Blue Green water and get some under water photographs, this is the best way to do it… But get information from a local guide on best spots for diving and snorkelling as some places are bit dangerous. If you are still high with adrenaline, you got to do some deep-water soloing. There are companies that facilitates deep water soloing (Harness free climbing and jumping off to deep water) and the places they do this are amazingly beautiful places. Some of the rocks have erupted out of water making caves filled with see water providing you the chance to take some spectacular photos.

Erupting rocks in Krabi

Erupting rocks in Krabi

Other sightseeing in Krabi

You could simply lie on beach and watch sunset while sipping a beer. Or you can take some time lapse photographs of how sun sets behind the rocks. Either way, you are going to enjoy it without too much disturbances. Most people go for a dip in the sea before they go to a beach pub for dinner and drinks. Maybe next day you can go see Phranang cave or have a super-fast motor boat ride before go back to Aonang. If you have time, you can go to Krabi National park where you can experience tropical forests.

Krabi is a less crowded and less spoiled area in Thailand. But it has the beauty of a true Thai beach worth enough for you to use your camera. So, make sure, you go to Krabi, when you are in Thailand. I guarantee you, that you will find some wild things to do here that you have never done in your life.


I’ll see you there at Krabi.

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