Holiday Photo Joy, Part 2: Spread the Love with Group Photo Uploads By Kevin La Rue

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In our last article, we talked about how to create albums and upload your images with the ultimate aim of securely sharing them with friends and family. However, with literally everyone having a phone in their pocket, why not harness that? 

By encouraging everyone to take cool photos (from their point of view) you unlock the ability to truly create a 360° view of a family gathering. This aspect of memory-making makes for… well… lasting memories!

You could have people share to social media with a hashtag. Or, create a shared folder on a service like Dropbox or iCloud, but both have severe limitations.

Enter SlickPic again! Their Group Upload feature allows you to designate any album as a “group upload album” and share the link or the QR code with your friends. So, after the photos are uploaded, you can give access to that album only to the people you want. It will change the way you empower your tribe to be connected through images.

Make a Group Upload Album

It’s super-easy to make any album accept images from others. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the album you’d like everyone to use for their uploads, and click on the dropdown menu called “Album Menu”. 
  • Choose the menu item, “Group Upload”.




  • Once the pop-up window is visible, click the “Enable Group Upload” toggle switch
  • If you want, create a personalized URL by typing it in the field below the section entitled “Custom group upload URL”. In this case, I typed in “FamilyDinner-Dec23” – be sure to click the “Save URL” button to lock it down



  • To share right away, the next section entitled “Send an invitation” is there to help. Use features like “Copy Link” or “Download QR Code” or even send others a group upload email address. That way, all people have to do is email their photos and the images are automatically uploaded to the group album.


  • You can also set additional options like requiring a login before uploading, setting a limit of the number of photos per user, and specifying an end time by which people need to have their images uploaded
  • You can also display a custom message that welcomes people to upload, and also a success message to confirm that their images were properly uploaded


It’s very easy for anyone with a smartphone to upload photos. They can upload directly from using the provided URL or the QR code. They can even email the photos to a special group upload email address. All of this is done via a web browser, with no apps to install. Simply click the link and start uploading. What could be simpler?”

Here’s a video on how to create a group upload album:

The secret to getting everyone in your friend group or family to share their memories of the holidays is to make it simple and easy. SlickPic is the best solution I’ve found for this important and fun aspect of holiday photography.

The holidays are in full swing, so have a toast with family and friends! And, empower everyone to share!

Images © Nicole Michalou as discovered on Pexels

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