Invercargill: A place to photograph in New Zealand

//Invercargill: A place to photograph in New Zealand

Invercargill is an untouched place for photography in New Zealand and one good city for you to stop and take a small rest from the constant travel and capture some good shots. As the Southernmost city in New Zealand, Invercargill weather is bit colder than most other parts of the country. So, the best time to travel through Invercargill would be during Spring and Summer (September to February).

Hire a bicycle if you can. This way, you can stop wherever you want and take photographs.

Start your photo tour from the Museum.

The Pyramid of Invercargill

One might wonder what the White Pyramid at the end of Gala street is…? The answer is, it is the Invercargill Museum. The place where you can learn about the first people who stepped on New Zealand soil, Antarctic expeditions, and various historical incidents of southland. If you love capturing architectures, this building is something of it.


Shopping Streets

Invercargill is a fusion of old and new. If you are a shopping person, you would see this in great length. There are few streets in the middle of the city, that consists of clothes shops, budget shops, flower shops, bakeries, and restaurants. You can capture the relaxing Southland families and young romance on these streets and of course amazing colours.


City Centre

Central junction of Invercargill at the end of Tay and Dee street leads way to Dunedin and Queenstown which are another two cities in South Island.

This old southland city with heavy Christian influence, is a great fusion of old and new architectural designs. If you are love photographing old buildings and monuments, Invercargill can easily fill your memory card.




Parks in Invercargill

Tired of travelling in a vehicle for long hours and want to stretch your arms and legs a bit…? Get your camera and go for a walk at Queens park. Just go down the Gala street and you’ll notice the majestic gates that pave the way to the park. Most Southlanders come here at least once a month with their families to spend a morning… Early morning and evenings, you will see fitness nuts jogging and stretching their legs. If you are a person love to capture human emotions, this is probably a good place to do so.

All the cultures, ages, and skin colours in New Zealand can be seen here doing various activities from just lying down and watching sky to riding cycles to family picnicking. If you are travelling with kids or if you just want to capture some birds and exotic plants, make sure you go to the aviary, mini zoo, Stumpery, and the Japanese Botanical Garden. Once you are tired, just lay down on green grass and capture the Blue sky and golden sun rays dripping through the trees…

Want to bushwalk in Invercargill…?

invercargill-a-walk-at-queens-park invercargill-queens-park-invercargill


Thomson’s Bush

Go straight up Queens Drive for about 3 km and you will see the beautiful Waihopai river. Just across the river is Thomson’s Bush, which is one of the most famous bush walking areas in Invercargill. If you are travelling with your dog, I guarantee your dog will love the walk. Thomson’s Bush is hugely a swamp forest around Waihopai river. Acts as a sponge during rainy days, the pathways are always wet and muddy. You might consider using a flash due to the constant gloominess. Thomson’s Bush is a good place to capture some micro botanical beauties. Ferns, mushrooms, vines, and algae are common photo objects. You might find some trees that can be photographed in an ambient angle. Just make sure you find your way back before it gets dark because multiple paths can easily put you in a ‘lost’ situation.




In case if you are a beach person,

Oreti Beach: Beach area of Invercargill

If you go about ten kilometres West of Invercargill, you’ll see a lengthy beach area. Yes, that is Oreti Beach. The closest to Invercargill. There are few stops one the way for you to pick up a snack or a coffee. Apart from that, the beach is very much empty except people. This place is ideal to capture the sunset. There are sand dunes separating the beach from the access road, maybe you can place your tripod over there and take tame-lapse shots of the sunset.

You could walk up and down the 26km wide beach and you will notice that the sand is not Golden but rather very dark and the surface of the shoreline has an amazing texture. You will notice varies colours on the horizon finally before the sunset. Limitless boundaries of the shoreline and the far-off mountains can make a perfect background while the kids playing with their dogs could bring some emotions to the picture. Romance can be seen on the beach and if you find the perfect angle, you probably will shoot some beautiful photos for a love story.




Where to stay in Invercargill

Finding accommodation in Invercargill is not a problem. There are lots of hotels to stay but best to stay in a small motel and there are lots of small but cheap motels with many facilities. If you like to spend some time with locals, there are lots of homestay accommodation too.


Invercargill is an extremely calm and quiet place to live. Living cost is comparatively very cheap and all the facilities such as hospitals, banks, super markets, and cinemas. If you are a traveller you can get a little relax here while enjoying the city…This little city has some great hidden beauties of South Island New Zealand and only if you are keen to look at them in a different angle only you will see find those.

Let me know if you are coming to Invercargill, maybe we can uncover some hidden beauties together.

See me back with my next post.



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