Which lens is best for you to use?

//Which lens is best for you to use?

In photography, there are quite a number of camera lens to choose from. Each of these lenses has its own specialty and is to be used on a particular photography genre.

Camera lenses explained

A camera lens’ specific details and capabilities have a particular use with a particular genre. In order to obtain a great picture, one of the best photography tips out there is to use the appropriate camera lenses to use for the type of image that you want to capture. Here in this article, we will be tackling the most appropriate camera accessories to be used on a particular photography genre as well as its recommended settings:

Lenses for macro / close-up

Macro or close-up photography requires intricacy and detail. This means that you have to be as close as possible to your subject in order to capture the littlest details of the subject. The lens used for this genre usually have fixed lens focal length (usually 50 mm fixed focal lengths) and are capable of putting an f/stop setting of f/2.8 or even higher. There are some camera lens that have variable focal ranges of up to 200 mm that can also be used for macro photography. You can choose whichever you want from these two types of lenses but make sure to equip yourself with appropriate camera accessories such as a lens hood to minimize or control light in order for you to capture the subject’s detail to your liking.



Lenses for portrait

Capturing portraits is fun as it captures drama and even emotion on each image. Portraits require the “soul effect” which is usually seen on the model’s eyes, thus it is best to use telephoto lenses when trying to capture portraits. You can choose between a telephoto lens with a 70-135 mm or one with 80-105 mm range. Going lower than 70 mm will risk having distortion on the facial features, which is a big no-no for portraiture. On the other hand, going over 135 mm focal length will make the subject appear flat and your image will turn out bland. There are certain ones that have fixed focal lengths that can still be used for portraiture, but make sure to choose fixed focal length lenses that are within the 70-135 mm focal length range.

Lenses for landscape

Landscape photography is actually a mere record of what you see all around when you go to a place where there is nature all around. With this, an appropriate camera lens should have a wide angle feature. Though it is nice to have a body with a full frame sensor as well as the camera lens with the same feature, it is not actually a requirement. There are a lot of landscape images that have used cameras and lenses without this capability but still produced stunning results. The one with a focal length of 18 mm or lower would do the trick and will produce equally stunning landscape photographs.


Photography is a fun and at the same time challenging hobby or even a profession, but you can lessen the challenge by choosing an appropriate camera lens. You can choose from the range offered by the brand of your camera body, or you can choose from cheaper options such as the Tamron camera lenses.   

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