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Before the big day itself, couples who are about to get hitched would always set one day to have their engagement photo session taken. It’s that day they can get dressed up in whatever manner they like, and have their pictures taken without any stress on their part. It’s also that one moment where they can let everything loose and just have fun before they go forward with their married lives.

As such, it’s always important for these couples to choose the right photographer that fits their style and convenience. If they do make the mistake of choosing the wrong photographer, they’re gonna end up with pictures they won’t even show to their close friends and one day wasted for their wedding plans. To prevent that scary scenario from happening, here are some things a photographer should not do when photographing an engagement session.


At the root of an engagement photo session is a couple’s love for one another. Always remember that fact and you’re gonna do good

At the root of an engagement photo session is a couple’s love for one another. Always remember that fact and you’re gonna do good


Be a Jerk To Your Couple

Here we are with the basics first folks so don’t forget this one – never be rude or obnoxious to your couples. Whatever happens during the session, always be one step ahead when it comes to courtesy and politeness. If you start the session with this tip, you’re sure to have a smooth day and any obstacle can be prevented or easily solved between you and the couple.

This tip also extends to other people involved in the shoot. These people could be the makeup artists, any friends or family members who are tagging along, or stylists who are responsible in creating something extraordinary for the couple’s cool engagement photos. Heck, being courteous or polite even extends to your assistant who’s gonna carry all your stuff or act as your second shooter.


Be mindful of your couple’s personality, their respective quirks, and how it can help you take great images.

Be mindful of your couple’s personality, their respective quirks, and how it can help you take great images.


Make Them Do Something That’s Far From Their Personality

As photographers, it’s one of our talents to observe things out and discover something interesting in them. It could be the old man walking down the street with a couple of balloons in his hands or a little kid running in the rain while laughing. In line with this, we always set our photos to our subjects’ strengths, and never to their weaknesses. The same can be said when shooting a couple for their engagement photo session.

Photographers should carefully assess the personality of the couple first before making them do something that’s out of the ordinary. You should avoid making them wear something they’re not comfortable with, like a cheesy couple shirt, or make them do a pose that doesn’t make them feel good. Remember, if you do anything along these lines, you’re gonna end up with photos wherein they don’t look happy and you’re going to be on the losing side of that argument.


What Not To Do When Shooting An Engagement Photo Session

What Not To Do When Shooting An Engagement Photo Session


Not Communicating Well or Not Communicating at All

Shooting an engagement photo session is not just about awesome concepts or images that’ll last a lifetime. It’s also about having great communication between the couple and their photographer. This means you have to convey your engagement picture ideas well and ensure they are following your every word while you are taking their images. If you do the opposite and be silent or very unclear with your directions, they’re gonna end up scratching their head and wonder why they even hired you in the first place.


Using the Wrong Gear

When a couple hires you to capture their engagement photo session, they are trusting you to deliver the photos they want and expect. That means you have to prepare well and figure out how you’re going to execute your ideas with utmost dedication. And one of the ways you’re gonna fail at this is if you bring the wrong kind of equipment for an engagement session.

Remember folks, never bring a slingshot when fighting a war. You can’t shoot these couples with an ordinary point and shoot camera or just a kit lens that comes with your basic kit. If you use this kind of equipment, the chances of getting substandard shots are high. Plus, always remember to bring extra memory cards and batteries so you won’t end up looking like a fool when these things run out in the middle of the engagement photo shoot.


Endanger Your Couple

Never ever put your couple’s life at risk for that shot you have in mind when you’re capturing their engagement photo session. You can’t ask a girl to climb something high while wearing her high heels or tell a guy to go down a river for a unique concept you’ve never done before. Plus, anything that involves moving vehicles or dangerous surroundings should automatically be a big no-no for you due to its uncertainty and lack of safety.

A couple should always have the best time when their images are being taken before the big day. They should be pampered the entire day because this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be done again. If you may have other things that a photographer should not do while shooting an engagement photo session, don’t be shy and share it with us in the comments below.


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  1. NoweeBaura March 12, 2017 at 2:04 PM - Reply

    Hey there. How can I get my couple to do this amazing concept of mine without forcing them? I really have this cool idea for out engagement photo session but I’m having doubts if they’re gonna say yes to it.

    • mm
      Julio Munar March 12, 2017 at 7:58 PM - Reply

      Why don’t you get a sample photo from the internet, and show it to your couple? Explain to them how you’re going to execute it and assure them their convenience is of utmost importance for this concept. Plus, paint them a picture as you describe how the final output will come out. Just make sure you’re courteous as you’re explaining it to them.

  2. Bee_WildSpear1089 March 14, 2017 at 1:29 PM - Reply

    I’m really having trouble making my couple understand the ideas I have for them when I take their engagement photo shoot. Help! I really have no idea how to connect to them.

    • mm
      Julio Munar March 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM - Reply

      Don’t worry because I have the same problem too and the solution is as simple as pie. Just take a girl or a guy friend with you and do the pose you have in mind as an example for your couple. The couple will easily understand your idea and follow your concept without any effort at all.

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