How To Obtain a Perfect Bokeh Effect – For Beginners

//How To Obtain a Perfect Bokeh Effect – For Beginners

The bokeh effect is a specific photography technique wherein the focus of the aesthetics is through the blurring of images. It is often use in close up photography where a subject is being focused at close up while being accented by the blurred backgrounds that are aesthetically placed to produce colorful and artistic results. Here in this article, we would like to provide some effective photography tips in order to capture stunning bokeh images

1. Choose which subject to emphasize, and focus on it

In bokeh photography, the subject is still the point of emphasis, much like any other photography genre. The main difference in capturing bokeh photos compared to others is the other point of emphasis is its background. Now here is the trick in order to create a best effect – look for a subject the fits your fancy, and then look for the best angle that has the best background that perfectly accentuates your subject. The bokeh background is as important as the subject. In creating bokeh photos so make sure you carefully choose both subject and its appropriate background.

2. Use the appropriate gears

In creating this effect, one of the best photography tips is to use the appropriate bokeh lens. There are certain types of lens that can maximize the blurring of backgrounds, and these are the types of lens that you should use in bokeh photography. In using these lenses, creating the perfect bokeh lights will be easy as these lenses can go up to an aperture setting of up to f/2.8 or even f/1.4. With this kind of setting, the blurring of backgrounds will be maximized which create very good bokeh images.

It is not always appropriate to set the camera to its highest aperture setting though, as there may be cases of getting the appropriate bokeh background in f/4.0 or even f/5.6 setting. It is sometimes a case to case basis, and it is enjoyable to play around with your camera settings in order to create the needed bokeh effect in your images.

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3. Use the background wisely and get perfect bokeh effect

One of the perks and also the challenges in obtaining the best bokeh effect is using the background wisely. There may be instances where the subject is well emphasized and focused, but the background is not used well. This creates a bland  effect and could not create the right image. In photography, the background is almost as equal to the subject in terms of importance, specifically its blurring.

Creating a bokeh effect in images is fun. It will boil down to how you manage the subject and its equally important background.

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