The Photo book: Thinking about making your own book of photographs? Get inspired!

//The Photo book: Thinking about making your own book of photographs? Get inspired!

A photographer’s ambition when showing their work is usually oriented towards the photographic exhibition. It can be the greatest feeling, having your photos framed and mounted on the walls, all your hard work finally on display for the public to enjoy. But preparing an exhibition is no joke. It can take months, or even years of planning, a lot of stress and more often than not – a serious toll on your pocket. On the other hand, creating your own photo book can be an equally effective way to get your photos seen, without having to break the bank, and you can do it online!


Photo book


Keep it simple

A photo book should consist of at least 20 pages, so make sure you have enough photographs in a series. Think about the order of the photos. Books are read from left to right, that is in order from page one to page twenty. Build a rhythm by controlling the sequence.

For a simple approach, place one photo per page on the right hand side and keep the left side blank.

You can continue doing this until you’ve included all of your photographs or you can start mixing it up. Think about pairing two photos, that way you create visual connections.


Photo book


Photo book


Break the rules

Now that you’re confident in you selection and sequencing, you can start playing with photo placement. Try different sizes so you create a more dynamic spread.


Photo book


Include text

Create a photo book with photos and text by including a textual explanation of your project if you’d like. Place it at the beginning or at the end of your photo book. If you your vision is to have it as an artist portfolio, you should place your professional biography at the end. Or maybe you want to incorporate titles or another kind of text in the design and place it next to your photos. Try including some colors and graphic elements too.


Photo book


The Cover

Lastly, think about the title of your photo book and cover photo. It should somehow be representative of what is inside. Have one establishing shot on the cover or maybe a collage of your images.


Photo book


Making it your own

Creating your own photo book online can be a lot of fun. You can play with the layout, text placement, colors, sizes; you can do whatever you want! In general, you have much more control over the creative process and the final result, as you would with an exhibition. There’s no curator to hold you back. Some photographers team up with a graphic designer for a more complex visual identity. The key is making sure you have a good selection of photographs that are arranged in a dynamic order. When you are satisfied with the end result, order your photo book online using SlickPic.


Create your own photo book online

First of all, make a selection of photographs. SlickPic has an online photo book maker you can use. Upload your photos to SlickPic and create a digital photo album. That way you can use the Organizer to arrange photos in a particular order, which will simplify the following steps. When you are satisfied with your selection, look for the Order prints button in the Action menu of the Organizer. Continue by selecting Photo books and take it from there!

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Violeta Tesic is a photographer and visual artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated with a Masters degree in Visual arts from Nova Academy of Arts in Belgrade. Her work consists of various projects, shot mostly in a documentary manner, some are completely straightforward and others more of a conceptual nature. Landscape, nature, urbanism and architecture are some of the common topics she is interested in. Her work has been shown in a number solo and group exhibitions all over the ex-Yugoslavian region. In addition, she also writes critical texts about contemporary photography and the history of photography.