Photography News 15 March 2021

//Photography News 15 March 2021

Photography News 15 March 2021

Quote: “Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.” — Diane Arbus

Remove Anything from Complex Perspectives – 12m
Add Graphics to Complex Perspectives in Photoshop – 25m
The Rule of Odds in Photography (An Easy Trick for Better Compositions)
Magazine Cover Lighting: How to Get the Look! – 6m 30s
Simulate a Long Exposure with the Path Blur Filter – 2m 15s
How To Make a Floral Photo Painting in Photoshop – 25m. easy, good hints

Thought for the day: A question on the cost and usefulness of filters

A person I know wants to get a new high end full frame camera for birding and much more. She was concerned about the cost of a good filter for the Sony 200-600mm lens.

The filter isn’t just for the Sony, it is for all vendors who have lenses of that diameter.

I don’t use UV filters but I do use the B+W Clear MRC-Nano 007 Filter Clear nano coated filter M010 when I’m shooting in an area when there is flying dust/sand/etc. Just a safety lens as the filter is much cheaper to replace than the front element of the lens. That said every piece of glass you add to your system, even if it is a very high quality B+W filter, will degrade your image/results a bit.

Filters in film days were important. Today, excluding funny result filters* are generally not important. Exceptions:

  • Polarizing filers – Can be very useful but good ones are expensive
  • Neutral Density and Variable ND (allow shallower depth of field, but clouds/waves/water, remove people from scene, etc.). Can be very expensive.
  • Graduated ND filters – Useful but effect can be duplicated in post with HDR post processing techniques.
  • Astro Light Pollution Reduction – Useful if you are serious about astrophotography.

All the rest of the types of filters are either very specialized (IR on normal cameras) or the effect can be duplicated in post.

* Star/sunray filter, blurry, colorizing, etc. filters.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Jeff Schewe – Conversation with Jeff Schewe


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