Photography News 6 July 2021

//Photography News 6 July 2021

Photography News 6 July 2021

Quote: “If everyone loves your work you are playing it much too safe.
– David Carson and many more

Colour Theory for Black and White Photography Part 1 – long, useful
A Photographer’s Guide to Color – Master Colors Part 1 – 7m
What is a Corner? – on reviewing and testing lenses, or not – Thom Hogan
Skin Retouching in Lightroom Tutorial (or ACR): Getting Soft Skin – 10m
Duotone Color: Tips & Examples for This Vibrant Trend 
Learn The Key To Seeing ‘Secret’ Photos All Around You – 9m

Thought for the day: Quick Thought on Cropping

I generally think that photos should be cropped to match the scene. If you have an image that is best as a panorama then make it a pano.  If the subject is a natural square make it square.

More recently I am moving towards still doing the above but if the photo is naturally close one of the standard aspect rations (1:1 square, 4×5, 11×16, 9×16, etc.) then I may go with the expected standard aspect ratio rather than exactly what the picture might be. Unless I want to make the viewer uneasy…


Artist of the Week/Portfolio:  Steven H. Begleiter  Website


The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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