Photography News April 12, 2021

//Photography News April 12, 2021

Photography News April 12, 2021

Quote: “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” – Andy Warhol 

Look Behind to Look Ahead – Thom Hogan
Beginners guide to Landscape Photography, Camera setup – 17m 30s
10 Tips for Shooting Beautiful, More Creative Portraits – Part 1 – 10m
Capture Every Detail in Your Landscape Photos Using Exposure Bracketing
Using an ILC as a Webcam – List, links to get started on better images
Selecting the Proper Brick Wall for Photographic Tests – Roger Cicala, 1 April

Thought for the day: A question from Quora

Q: How can I take high-quality smartphone photos of your drinks?
A: Don’t try to take high-quality smartphone photos of your drinks. Instead look at the light going through the drinks, the color changes, the light coming through, the light patterns projected from light coming through the liquid. Move the drink around so that the triangle of the light, the drink and your eyes make different triangles.  Remember what is most interesting. And photograph that.

Artistic vision is the key, technical details are nowhere near as important.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:
Edward Steichen – The Life Of A Genius Photographer – 14m 32s


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