Photography News April 12, 2023

//Photography News April 12, 2023

Photography News April 12, 2023

Quote: “All judgments of artistic merits are rooted in bias. Being subjective by nature, they can’t be anything other than that. If we had measurable, quantifiable ways to decide the value of art, there would be no need for critics or contests or opinions.” – Tim Parkin


Image Stabilization is measured in Stops, what does this mean?


How to be an Impressionist Photographer


Birds in Flight (BiF) Photography Tips


Pose Friends For Powerful Portraits (Tips From A Pro)


How I Got The Shot: Flour Child


3 Quick Fixes For Your Uninspiring Portraits – Gavin Hoey


Thought for the day: Backlighting with a setting sun or other light source can work wonders. Seek out backlighting for flowers, boats, people, and so much more.

Artist of the WeekLee Miller (1907–1977)

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