Photography News April 17, 2023

//Photography News April 17, 2023

Photography News April 17, 2023

Quote: “The value of composition cannot be over estimated; upon it depends the harmony and the sentiment. Instruments and mediums can be had for a price; originality, creative faculty, poetic feeling, can come from only one source, but they can be lost if they be not cherished.” – Gertrude Käsebier


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Thought for the day: Moon and Sun
For Moon and Sun photography use a good tripod (geared head is useful) and a specialized but not expensive camera with a very long built in zoom lens. A 2400mm zoom (Nikon P series has these, as do others) will have the Moon or Sun just about filling the frame. Additional magnification via digital zoom can make great crater and Mare closeup with careful post processing, And with the Annular Solar Eclipse visible from Oregon to Texas on 14 October 2023 (not the same as the total Solar Eclipse in 2024), photographing the Moon is good practice. But aiming will be a problem without care. Practice. And for photographing the Sun do use an appropriate solar filter or your camera and maybe your eye could be destroyed.

Artist of the week: Marco Breuer: Pushing the boundaries of photography

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