Photography News April 19, 2021

//Photography News April 19, 2021

Photography News April 19, 2021

Quote: “The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.” – Scott Lorenzo

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Food Photography & Food Styling with @Veggiekins – B&H 41m
Talking About Photographic Lenses – 49m – John Cornicello
Texture and Clarity Sliders in Lightroom Classic CC: What’s the difference?

Thought for the day: Which new camera should I get?

A person I know wants to get a new much better camera system. Landscape, birds, birds in flight, night, etc.  She has a friend who does great birding pictures with a Canon.  And she asked me what I thought:
All the full frame cameras in the past 5 years are great. The top end mirrorless cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony, and their wide selection of lenses, are truly excellent!

All the cameras you can get today are junk compared to what you can get in a year or two.

Instead of micromanaging specifications, see if you can borrow (in a store at least if not renting) all the cameras and go on a ‘date’ with them. See which fits >>you<< best.

A person who has a Canon will probably recommend a Canon.
A person who has a Nikon will probably recommend a Nikon.
A person who has a Sony will tell you that a Sony is best.

But which fits your hands?
Which is easiest for you to carry/use?
Which menu systems are good enough for your usage (this may take some work on your part to learn them well enough).

Also note the bon mot that “you date your camera body, you marry the lens (system).”

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Alan Shapiro website,  pumpkinscapesinterview


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