Photography News April 26, 2021

//Photography News April 26, 2021

Photography News April 26, 2021

Quote: Good bird photography consists 30% of equipment, 50% of knowing the subject, and 70% of luck. All 150% is needed; that has been shown in practice many times.” —Hannu Hautala, the most famous Finnish bird photographer

Fine Art Seascape Photography at Midnight – 20m Gary Gough
How the 2020 Landscape Photographer of the Year Photo Was Taken
How to Photograph the Milky Way: The Preparation – 1 of 3
Using Your Personal Life to Inspire Photography Projects – B&H 1h3m
Photoshop Tutorial Adding Textures to Photos – 10m – Good intro, clear and easy to understand
Easy Window Light Portrait: Complete Tutorial – 21m

Thought for the day:  
You are a great photographer. Can you make a decent living doing photography?

Wrong question. There are lots of great photographers out there today.  More than ever. You may be better than 99.999% of all photographers who try to make a living doing photography, but the world won’t reward great photographers.

The world rewards great marketing.

What you might be able to do to make a living is to be a great marketer of you photography.

Even Ed Weston had to do marketing. In his case his wife wrote grant applications and did the other marketing tasks. Ed just did photography.

Do you have someone to do your marketing or do want to spend your time doing marketing/business/sales? Or just doing photography?

Woodworking has a similar problem. Lots of wonderful woodworkers today but few make a living at it. Most of the great woodworkers are amateurs, i.e. one who does the task for love.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:
Lightworx Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 Award Winners


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