Photography News April 4, 2024

//Photography News April 4, 2024

Photography News April 4, 2024

NEW 3-Day Workshop announced + “Black & White” 52-week Challenge

Quote“Nature is a mere pretext for a decorative composition, plus sentiment. It suggests emotion, and I translate that emotion into art.”
– Georges Braque

Techniques and Tutorials:

Using Adobe Photoshop to Create a Solarised Photograph

How to do Fine Art Photography | Techniques and Tips


What is Impressionist Photography


The Beauty of Dance Through Impressionist Photography: Tips and Tricks


Naturalism and Artifice, Thinking About Pictorialism


Man Ray: Solarization


Thought for the day: Spring flowers are beginning.
Beautiful in the sun but the colors may be even richer on clouds days.

HistoryThe Autochrome; Color photos? Just add potatoes

Artist of the week: Man Ray – Lee Miller Symposium


The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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