Photography News August 1, 2022

//Photography News August 1, 2022

Photography News August 1, 2022

Quote: “If you have either a crappy lens or crappy camera, improve the crappy part first; you get more bang for your $” – Roger Cical

Fine Art Photography or dead tree in the sea?


3 Simple Landscape Photography Tips for Shooting in Gray and Boring Winter Weather

Balancing Flash and Ambient Light – 13m

How to Get an Impressive Red Sky in Your Landscape Photos


How to Sort 5,000+ Photos Quickly in Photo Mechanic – 18m


Future of cameras, Thom Hogan: Market BottomOlympusDrawbacks Going AwayMirrorless NotesMore Sampling is Always Better

Artist or Art Field of the Week: Chelin Sanjuan Piquero – Interesting mixture of real and imaginary, color and BW, solid and transparent

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