Photography News August 29, 2022

//Photography News August 29, 2022

Photography News August 29, 2022

Quote: “All good books have one thing in common – they are truer than if they had really happened.” – Ernest Hemingway, does this apply to photography?

Spanish Ministry – Stolen Images – There is a lot you can learn if you study this article. Much more than stealing images, what I found most interesting is how NOT to work with “handicapped” people.

One setting that can make or break a photo – 23m


What Would Thom Buy? – Excellent advise!
DIY Tools for Landscape and Timelapse Photography

Photographer Told He Can’t Use His Own Public Domain Photo – 11m

Ode to a Memory and a Failure – SFAI

Artist or Art Field of the Week: Land Art, Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt

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