Photography News August 30, 2021

//Photography News August 30, 2021

Photography News August 30, 2021

Quote: “A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”
— Edward Steichen


How to See a Photograph and Mentally Frame It As You Shoot – 1h 12m


An Intro to Photographing the Planets


How to Create Artistic, Dreamy, Soft Focus Flower Photography – 8m 31s


Negative Space at Beaches – 6m 30s


Why Your Photos Don’t Have to Be Pin-Sharp


Astrophotography from $100 to $10,000 – 35m 16s


Thought for the day: 

There is a subculture on the Internet concerned with the ‘right’ set of gear to carry every day Some of what they do you might consider overboard but it is useful to consider what you need to carry and how to optimize what you carry. I’ve used some of their ideas to reduce what I do carry every day.

In a similar manner, what is your Every Day Camera Carry? I know some photographers carry every piece of photo gear they might need on an outing but this can get tired. At the other end is the OCOLOY (One Camera, One Lens (not zoom), One Year) who argue that they will learn more this way than trying lots of different things (I disagree, read the book ‘Art and Fear’).

And there are exceptions for when you go out to photograph something outside of your normal.  For example I frequently take walks and photograph flower, clouds, trees, etc. as I go.  I use a lighter weight bridge camera with a long zoom for this. I’ve added a soft neoprene camera strap that can hold a spare battery and extra SD cards. With this I’m good to go for days on end. However if I go to do long exposure photographs of waves I will also need a tripod, and Intervalometer, and Neutral Density (ND) filters. For Lunar photography a different set of gear is needed. And so on for many specialized areas of photography.

What is your EDCC? Can you improve it?

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Don Giannatt – Conversation

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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