Photography News December 22, 2020 

//Photography News December 22, 2020 

Photography News December 22, 2020

Quote: The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.”– Anne Geddes

10 Things I Use to Enhance Story in Photography  14m video
Creating a Stylized Art Shoot on a Shoestring Budget
Making a Moody Long Exposure Fine Art Photograph – 11m – Mads Peter Iversen
Fine Art Photography with a cheap filter – 20m Gary Gough
Precautions to take when carrying a camera in foggy weather with a lots of dew? 
How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs

Thought for the day: Rock Steady Hands – I Don’t Need NO Tripod!
Please do this experiment:
— Photograph something without a tripod that is still and is a few hundred feet or more away under good light conditions. Maybe the top of a telephone pole.
— Now set your camera to rapid fire, i.e. you press the shutter and the camera takes pictures as fast as it can (5 to 24 frames per second are typical).  Look carefully at the results. Generally the 3rd picture will be a bit sharper than the 2nd and even sharper than the first.
— Now put the camera on a good tripod. Turn off image stabilization. Take one picture.
— Next, with the camera still on the tripod and image stabilization off, take a picture with remote release.
Go over all your data. Which is actually the sharpest?
If you have a high-megapixel camera and great lenses that are able to feed the high-megapixel sensor well, what is the minimum way that you need to stabilize your camera in order to justify the more expensive sensor and lens?

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Lilo Raymond Biography Pictures1  Pictures2  Brief Interesting Piece


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