Photography News December 26, 2023

//Photography News December 26, 2023

Photography News December 26, 2023

Quote: “If each photograph steals a bit of the soul, isn’t it possible that I give up pieces of mine every time I take a picture?” – Richard Avedon

Techniques and Tutorials:

How my Midjourney created image got on the main cover along world star photographer Steve McCurry!


Foreshortening in Photography


Simple Technique to Light Up Street Light in Photoshop


3 Techniques To Add Stars In Your Photos With Photoshop


Look At These 7 Excellent Photographs


Thought for the day – Improving you photographic skills in 2024 #1
Some things that might improve your photography in this upcoming year might be to take some workshops by photographers whose work you admire.

HistoryThe First Faked Photograph (1840)

Artist of the week: Imogen Cunningham – A Retrospective


The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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