Photography News December 27, 2021

//Photography News December 27, 2021

Photography News December 27, 2021

Quote: “Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs.”
– Ansel Adams

How to take pictures that sell – Fine Art Photography, Gary Gough, 27m 10s


Black or White Background in a Studio – 10m 4s


Photoshop Compression settings for TIF files – 11m 2s


Sensor Size, Perspective and Depth of Field – Photography Tutorials


How to shoot Ice Cold Portraits in Studio – 12m 30s


#1 Mistake in Color Photography – 14m 51s


Thought for the day: Best Photo Present to You?

What is the best photography present you can give yourself? New high-end camera, new expensive lens?

From many professionals, I have talked with, and from my own experience, the best photographic present for many (most?) is to take a photography workshop or class in your field or interest or where you think you are weak in.

There are many teaching workshops. I’ve taken a number week-long classes at Santa Fe Workshops and recommend them, but there are lots of others. Or take a field workshop from a photographer whose work you admire.

If you are really feeling brave, take a workshop in something that you have no background in and are unsure if you even like that photographic field.

Most pros I talk to say that they try to take at least one workshop a year from a competitor just to improve their skills. 

Artist of the Week:
Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night: Great Art Explained – 15m 50s

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