Photography News December 5, 2022

//Photography News December 5, 2022

Photography News December 5, 2022

Quote: “A photograph can be something in itself – it can exist independently as a photograph apart from the subject; it can take on a life of its own, aside from its documentary value.” – Francis Bruguière


Fine Art Photography Clevedon Marine Lake – 13m


Street Photography masterclass with Nick Turpin – 29m


Minimalistic Baby Cake Smash – 8m


Magnum Reflector Fashion Shoot – Lindsay Adler


Full Length, Even Light, Small Studio Portraits


Setting Up an Optical Testing Station – LensRentals, includes link to a high quality ISO 12233 optical test chart clone


Thoughts for the day: In Portraits How High Should Your Camera Be?
How tall or old do you want the viewer of the photograph to think you are? If you take the photograph at your eye level the viewer will have one idea of how tall or old you were when you took the image. If you take it from the eye level of a preteen or a 4yo they will have a very different impressions of your age. And if you hold the camera up high they may think you are an NBA star. Is this important as part of your story?


Artist of the Week: Barbara Bordnick


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