Photography News February 14, 2022

//Photography News February 14, 2022

Photography News February 14, 2022

Quote: “Bad weather makes for good photography” – Ansel Adams


Slice of Light with V-Flats with Lindsay Adler – 7m 16s


How to Photograph Trees and Forests
Why Manufacturers Make a Specific Camera Lens
Here’s How I Do B&W Infrared: Part IPart II – Ctein
How it Was Shot: Ancient Pines By Loch Tulla, Scotland
3 Steps to a Black & White Infrared Image

Thought for the day: Social Engineering Photo Reviews

Consider a contest where one photo or object is well known before the contest begins (Pepper 30? Half Dome?) and another photo has not been published before the contest.

Which photo will have an advantage with the judges? In part it depends on the judges and the fame of the picture. If a judge knows who the photographer is (or can make a good guess) then that probably will effect the result (for good or bad). If the judge thinks that the photo is a copy or near copy of a great photo, will the judge be more likely to rate the image highly or not? If the picture has been shown so much that it is ‘stale’ then the ‘fresher’ picture will probably do better.

And if the judges are everyone in a group it will they be more likely to vote for a picture they recently saw in the group or for something new? A few months ago we had an image that had 156 ‘Likes” (a very high number) for the normal posting but in the contest it only had 3 ‘Likes’. Clearly a case of early over-exposure.

Result: It depends. Consider the judges and how fresh the image is before deciding your approach.

Social Engineering? You are trying to influence the judges with something other than the quality of the image. Or maybe call it “Contest Tactics”.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:
Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky – early real hi-res color photographs

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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