Photography News February 15, 2021

//Photography News February 15, 2021

Photography News February 15, 2021

Quote: “How are you going to upgrade your photography this year? What’s the biggest hurdle holding you back from getting more wows when people see your images? Are you making images that are uniquely yours? I’m betting it’s not a new camera or lens that will fix your problems. If it is, I want to know more about that magical piece of gear, because I don’t seem to have it in my gear closet.”  — Thom Hogan

Ask Lensrentals: Lenses, Sensor Cleaning, and Sharpness Testing
Sunrise/Sunset Exposures — Thom Hogan
Create Incredible Sunset Photos With Editing in Lightroom
How to Create Portraiture that is a Work of Art — Lindsay Adler 1h 49m
How To Create Snow in Photoshop
It takes more than Fog for Great Forest Photography — Mads Peter Iversen

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Peter Krogh and the DAM Bookinterview


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