Photography News February 19, 2024

//Photography News February 19, 2024

Photography News February 19, 2024

Video Creators Summit + “High Key” 52-week Challenge

Quote: “True artists are strange!” – Hiroshi Sugimoto

Techniques and Tutorials:

Touch Versus Dials

The Biggest Lie Social Media Feeds Photographers


Simple Color Grading Technique For Portrait Photography In Photoshop + Introduction To Color Harmony


What the PROS know about CROPPING (that I wish I knew sooner!)


BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY 101: Beginners guide for settings, finding birds, tricks, equipment, and more!


Thought for the day: Exercise
Look at the photos of two great photographers of Yosemite: Carleton Watkins’ and Ansel Adams. Which do you like better? Now go to Yosemite (or another possibly more local park) and see how well you can create a compelling black and white photograph. Did you succeed? Why or why not? Try again?

History: First pictures of Yosemite
Charles Weed seems to have made the first photographs of Yosemite in 1859. But Carleton Watkins’s photos where the first famous photos of Yosemite. Ansel Adams photos came much later.

Artist of the week: Michael Kenna – Landscape photographer


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