Photography News February 2, 2021

//Photography News February 2, 2021

Photography News February 2, 2021

Quote: “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” – Destin Sparks

What will provide a meaningful improvement to my photography? Thom Hogan
How to Create Portraiture that is a Work of Art – 1h 49m – Lindsay Adler
Photoshop painting process: Cage – Interesting, way beyond my skills
What’s the Right Shutter Speed for Photographing the Sea?
Using a Projector To Create Futuristic Photos
5 Composition Ideas You Should Try in Your Next Shoot – 9m 40s

Thought for the day: Ways to Lose a Photography Contest

I was the judge for a local camera club earlier this week.  They have some lovely images.  But while evaluating the photographs I realized that some people in every contest make little errors that hurt their chances of winning. This is a partial list:

  • Images that are in the wrong category (a color picture in a Monochrome competition).
  • Submitting two similar photos (that compete with each other)
  • Over sharpening (easy to see white lines around details)
  • Titles that are weak or do not read well. Titles will be read and in some categories (Journalism for example) are a critical part of the story.
  • Images that do not reflect the title

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:
Nate Gowdy, Political campaign photographer – Interview


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