Photography News February 22, 2021

//Photography News February 22, 2021

Photography News February 22, 2021

Quote: “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” — Annie Leibovitz

Deleting Images – Thom Hogan
How to Take Better Portraits | 5 Tips with Jeremy Cohen
Minimalist photography – Wikipedia – 40 Examples
5 Steps to Incredible Minimalist Photography – 17m Mads Peter Iversen
A Simple Trick To Improve Your Final Image
Sharpest F-stop setting for Landscape Photography – 15m 32s

Thought for the day: How long can you safely use your disk drives?
From this data set: Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2020 I’d estimate that current disk drives models, if treated right, have about a 1-2% failure rate during their first 3-5 years of life (excluding the first few months and then retiring the drives after 3-5 years). Electronics typically have a higher failure rate when first being used and later in their life when parts start having too much wear. You want to stay in the wide flat valley between the beginning and end of the disk drive life.  This is the period that you can expect a 1-2% failure rate per year. Outside that range the disk drives may be good but there the failure rate could be well above 2% per year.

I plan to replace all my drives after 3 years usage.  This includes my JBODs (Just a Bunch of Disks) on my desktop and each year one of the 3 sets of 4-5TB small portable drives that are stored offsite (2 offsite, 1 at home being updated).  Why JBODs instead of RAID?  I don’t need the speed of RAID nor the complexity. JBOD is simpler for me to run. I test all the drives yearly using the Apple Disk First Aid app.  JBOD in WikipediaRAID vs. JBOD.  Note: you are probably already using JBOD, maybe just the term JBOD is new to you.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:  Bryant Austin – enormous prints of whales


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