Photography News February 7, 2022

//Photography News February 7, 2022

Photography News February 7, 2022

Quote: “Ask yourself, ‘Why am I seeing and feeling this? How am I growing? What am I learning?’ Remember: Every coincidence is potentially meaningful.” – Ansel Adams


Your Camera Settings in the Studio Don’t Matter – Lindsay Adler – 10m 54s


Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform a Photo into the Look of a Maxfield Parrish Paintings – 4m 22s


Super Sharp Eyes via Photoshop – 6m 21s


Best Technique to Create Realistic Water Reflections – 10m 56s


Shooting From a Plane: Composition, Lenses, and Shot Choice


How to Remove Skin Reddening – 6m 17s


Thought for the day: Titles in Competition Matter

I recently judged photos for a camera club. A couple of images had title problems. One image showed a dying flower with a somewhat messy background as if the sensor was very dirty. Turned out that the photographer wanted the background to be very grungy but the title didn’t support that. The other photo had a picture of a western mining town of 50 or 60 years ago with interesting old cars. The problem is that the title referred to a large open-pit mine, which wasn’t in the picture.

Both pictures might have placed higher except for poor titles that impacted the viewers’ understanding of what the picture was about.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Anne de Henning

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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