Photography News February 8, 2021

//Photography News February 8, 2021

Photography News February 8, 2021

Quote: “Painting what I experience, translating what I feel, is like a great liberation. But it is also work, self-examination, consciousness, criticism, struggle.” – Balthus

Foolproof Way to Never Clip Important Highlights on a Sony Camera
Minimalist Photography using Negative Space – 7m
A Different Way to Improve Your Photo in Five Seconds 
11 Ways To Improve the Sharpness of Your Images, Part 6: Dust and Condensation
More on Cropping – Thom Hogan
Fine art forest photography – 11m – Mads Peter Iversen

Thought for the day: Success Rate

I have claimed that, with careful deliberate practice, photographic cross training, goaling and other methods you can improve your photos. Have I improved mine?

I have over 2000 pictures on Facebook and elsewhere and I review them regularly looking for the best photos to use in various online contests. In reviewing them some of my very favorite were early photos.  I love some them still today.  But my more recent photos are much more likely to be favorites. Why? I think my ‘hit rate’ for better photos is improving.

What do I find most difficult?

— Good portraits (and even harder good portraits of couples)

— Good astrophotography (excluding Green Flashes and simple Moon photos where I’m ok)

— And hardest, good Science Fiction and Fantasy photos that look real, not photoshopped and not a forced scene.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:  Toni Lovejoy – Interview
This one of the strongest and best interviews I’ve seen, The internal short video begins at 15m 51s but I recommend watching least the first 20 minutes. This is among the greatest / strongest photograph shows I’ve ever seen.


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