Photography News January 13, 2021

//Photography News January 13, 2021

Photography News January 13, 2021

Quote: “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

Ansel Adam’s Prank Part II – 26m, humor, was it made by Ansel or not?
Bokeh: How it’s evolving – 20m
Criticize Your Photography and learn to improve – 23m – Gary Gough
Landscape Photography – It’s not about the gear– 21m, on using low cost used gear
The Creative Process – John Paul Caponigro – Talks at Google – 43m
Street Fashion Shoot Options – Lindsay Adler 5m – Natural or Natural + Strobe?

Thought for the day: On Photographing Ballet Dancers and Composition
This video, 10 Tips for Photographing a Ballet Dancer (6m long) has a number of good suggestions. If possible please view it before reading the rest of this.
The video also made me cringe. Why? Composition errors. Centered frames not centered. Hands cut off. Shadows when important being interfered with by other objects. And more.

You can learn a lot of good methods from this video. And find errors to avoid.
This video, Ballet Photography / Young Dancer Sessions by Gene Schiavone, 7m 23s, is wonderful!

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:  Gene Schiavone – Ballet Photography Website


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