Photography News January 17, 2022

//Photography News January 17, 2022

Photography News January 17, 2022


Leveraging Visual Language and the How to Capture ‘Mood’ – Michael Frye


Create Surreal Images with Adobe Photoshop – 6m 23s


If You Need a Bigger Background PS – 8m 8s


How to Expose Snow Scenes – 3m 38s


Photographing Auroras – Jennifer Wu


DIY Home Studio Hack for Dramatic Editorial Portraits – 10m 16s


Thought for the day: Planning Ahead

If you have a two-minute window to photograph someone, do you chat with others or read your email/Instagram before your opportunity?  Or do you carefully plan ahead so you can quickly obtain multiple shots in your time window?

If you are showing your photos in a zoom meeting do you open your photos when your 2m window opens or do you look for your photos then? Or do you have your photos all found, opened, organized into the order you want to show them, double-checked the images, and are fully ready when your time window comes up?

A good example of planning ahead is this photograph which is one of the most famous and important portrait photographs ever made in the world.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:
Georgia O’Keefe – suggested by Carla Edwards

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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