Photography News January 17, 2023

//Photography News January 17, 2023

Photography News January 17, 2023


Quote: “I always use a polarizing filter for rainbows. Rotated the standard way, where it darkens the blue sky and cuts reflections, a polarizer will make a rainbow disappear. But rotated 90 degrees from that it will actually enhance the rainbow slightly.” – Michael Frye


Which Aspect Ratio is Correct? – Thom Hogan, 2nd half is important


Making Photos with a Painterly Look


Renaissance Painting inspired Portrait – Lindsay Adler


Creating that Landscape Soft Glow Look

Fine Art & Conceptual Photography – Alex Stoddard


How to shoot fine art portraits in your home


Thoughts for the day: How many pictures to take
At the Sunnyvale Camera Monday night the overall winning image was of a young child jumping in a puddle during the first of the recent big storms. A charming image. But the point I want to make was that the winner took 150 images and then downselected for the best/most effective image. A number of other people in that contest also took a number of images of an item and then downselected for the best image. If you take 10 images and one is better, how much better would your final image be if you took 100 images? The best of the 10 best might be really good!

Artist of the Week: Peter Lindbergh – the supermodel photographer, 42m

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