Photography News January 24, 2022

//Photography News January 24, 2022

Photography News January 24, 2022

Quote: “What we call reality in pictures, seems to be the optical projection, a European way of looking at the world, that accepts a world seen from a single point.” – David Hockney


Photographs That Flow – Michael Frye

How To Create a Water Reflection in Photoshop – 14m 53s


Behind The Scenes Style Shoot – 11m18s


Modern Fine Art Portraiture Inspired by the Old Masters – 1h 22m


My 21 Best Ideas for Macro Photography at Home – 4m 39s


How to photograph portraits on pure white background in camera – 5m49s


Thought for the day: The first advice I received in Photography

When I first started in photography I found or was given 3 pieces of advice:

  1. When taking portraits, set everything up and then take two giant steps forward. Refocus and take the picture.
  2. Read the Kodak advice book carefully for where the Sun should be with relation to the camera and the subject. And then be sure to never do what Kodak said in my shoots
  3. Lastly, I need to point out that I was on a very small desert island where it was very hot and supplies took months to arrive (USCG Loran Station Marcus Island). The person who taught me to print negatives encouraged me to get as many prints per 8×10 sheet of print paper as possible, he considered 1”x1.5” prints to be an excellent size. We should also use the photo chemicals as long as we could get any images. And that working where the temperature was 30-40 degrees F higher than what Kodak recommended wasn’t a problem

I still follow #1 and #2.  But not #3.  No, not #3…

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Olivia Parker

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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