Photography News January 3, 2022

//Photography News January 3, 2022

Photography News January 3, 2022

Quote: “I have always been mindful of Edward Weston’s remark, ‘If I wait for something here I may lose something better over there.’ I have found that keeping on the move is generally more rewarding.” – Ansel Adams


How to Succeed at Completing a 365 Project in 2022 – overly restrictive, but has useful ideas (gwe)


Make Real Rays of Light with Flash – 6m 16s


Sensor Crop Factors and Equivalence


One Overhead Light Portrait – 7m2 3s


Series of Rare and Largely Unseen Photos by Georgia O’Keeffe


Reflections In Glasses – adding or removing – 10m 13s


Thought for the day: Revisiting Old Images

The new is exciting. If the images are of people, you may have an obligation to give the pictures back to them soon. So why look at old images again? And again? Some reasons.

In revisiting your old images you may find that your photographic taste and post-processing skills have probably changed and improved over the years. You may images in you rejected or didn’t process from years ago because you didn’t have the skill to make it sing. But you might now be able to make them wonderful.

I frequently ‘accidentally’ review images that I have posted for my 365 project (now in its 7th year) in the process of looking for pictures to put into a contest. This review reminds me of trips, locations, people, events made during the times I made these photos. Some old pictures bring back wonderful memories of trips and even better memories of out family!

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Alessandra Manzotti – Journey to Mongolia

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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