Photography News January 4, 2023

//Photography News January 4, 2023

Photography News January 4, 2023


Quote: “Photography Finding Beauty in Everything” by Tutor Smith



What to Expect in 2023 – Thom Hogan

How to Create Hard Shadows and Soft Shadows in Your Photography

Super Sharp Shadows – studio, but maybe transferable


Why is TTL Flash so Inconsistent? – Ask David Bergman – 13m


3 Creative and Effective One-light Portrait Photography Setups

The Upside of Brand Loyalty For Photographers and Filmmakers

Get a New Camera? Confused by all the Controls and Settings?

In practice most photographers only use a fraction of the possible number of controls and settings on their cameras. For example, one recent photography book had almost a thousand pages on focusing and focusing modes. But for most people, even high end amateurs, initially need to only set up: ISO (100 or 200), RAW or JPG (I like RAW), and Focus Mode (I’d suggest autofocus, center to start). Then you need to find out where in the menu to format your SD cards.

At this point you can take great pictures! Yet you are using less than 1% of 1% of your controls and settings.

Artist of the Week: Frederic Edwin Church – A collection of 206 paintings


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