Photography News January 9, 2023

//Photography News January 9, 2023

Photography News January 9, 2023


Quote: “I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?” – Vincent van Gogh


Two Approaches to Photography – Thom Hogan

Complaining the Rule of Thirds is Boring? If So, You are Missing the Point


Landscape Photography Composition – ‘S’ Curve


9 photo composition tips – featuring Steve McCurry


How To Take Your Photo Composition To The Next Level – with help from Steve McCurry


Test Your New Camera Gear Before Too Late
Get some new gear? Open it and make sure it works and is what was ordered. Charge the camera up and make a few test pictures before it becomes difficult to return, as new electronics do not always work correctly. And there can be other problems. I recently bought a lens from a very reputable store. However, the package had been wrapped with plain tape, not the tape that store uses, and the box, except for packaging, was empty. No lens. The store was very helpful and shipped me a replacement lens as soon as I filled out their very modest paperwork. But still I feel uncomfortable about someone taking my lens. Open and test new equipment before it becomes difficult to return.


Artist of the Week: Saul Leiter – colorist

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