Photography News July 26, 2021

//Photography News July 26, 2021

Photography News July 26, 2021

Quote: “There use to be a joke among ‘serious’ photographers that in order to get into the Sierra Club calendar you had to have blurry water” – Stephen Johnson

The Use of Reflections in Your Photography
The Window Seat: 36 Tips for Taking Amazing Photos from Airplane Windows
Landscape Photography in the World’s Most Boring Location – 22m
How To Remove POWER LINES in Lightroom – 8m
An odd lens, STF (Smooth Transition Focus)
Creating a bold fashion image using a fisheye lens! – Lindsay Adler, 10m

Thought for the day: Dynamic and Static Range of a Camera System II

There is an old rule about exposures, “Sunny 16”. If you set your f-stop to 16 and your ISO to 200, then you exposure on a sunny day would be about 1/200 second. If ISO100 then the exposure would be 1/100 second.

There is another old rule*, that the shutter speed should be at least 1/focal length of the lens. A 50mm lens would need a shutter speed at least as short as 1/50 second if not even shorter. This is to avoid camera shake. Today we have Image Stabilization and many more pixels per frame. Back then (and today) tripods could also be used.

Why is this interesting? Most pictures are taken around these ranges. What happen when you go outside, way outside these ranges?

  • I don’t think this rule is accurate today. It may have been with 35mm Tri-X film which is about equal to 3megapixel sensors, but not today with 30megapixel+ sensors

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Blain Harasymiw in Japan, Conversations II in part, a tour inside the hotel that “Spirited Away” (Hayao Miyazaki) was based on, as well as incredible bird photos, nature and flowers in Japan.

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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