Photography News July 5, 2022

//Photography News July 5, 2022

Photography News July 5, 2022

Quote: “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”
— Ansel Adams

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How to Photograph Fireworks

Thought for the day: What to Photograph First?

In doing the photography of that (possibly) wonderful place, you are not quite done.

After cleaning removing and putting away whatever gear you have taken out, do the rest of the trip. If you stop at another location or stop for a meal or bathroom break remember that in some locations there are car break-ins and other problems. If traveling in a group consider leaving one or more people at the car(s) to (exercise, walk a dog, etc.) until others from your car or the main group can come back and watch the cars (and cameras). It goes without saying that you should hide gear from casual sight. A dirty beaten-up car with old blankets has an advantage over a shiny new car with tripods and strange black bags visible inside.

And not to home. You are “still” not done. Download your images. Do a pre-post processing step (I download my RAW files into folders with the names of the site and maybe sub-names (ie Eastern Sierras June 2016 – Bristlecone 16 June – Visitors Center trails), in this case, I have 3 layers of nested folders, maybe two dozen folders under the main folder.

And I make written notes. With two dozen different shooting stops over one to several days or weeks it is easy to forget when you look at these again half a dozen years later (people (what were their names?), locations, weather, imagery this reminded you of, poetry this reminded you of, etc.). And maybe a journal / diary as you wish.

Now, once everything is downloaded, make a quick backup. At this point, you have 3 copies of everything. You should be pretty safe unless fire / flood / burglars, etc.

Quick backup is done, I make another backup that will go into a safe-deposit box in a local bank. This offsite backup is my final end of the trio. I will do post-processing as I have time (some people like to ‘star’ and evaluate their images right away, some like to wait a few days to clear their minds). In either case, the evaluation after backups can be a fun reminder of the shoot.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:
2022 International Portrait Photographer of the Year

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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