Photography News March 13, 2023

//Photography News March 13, 2023

Photography News March 13, 2023

Quote: “Achieve the mystery of stillness, and you can experience a dynamic interaction with the life force that goes far beyond intellectual thought and touches the deepest wells of existence.” – Paul Caponigro


The Photo Secession and Other Historical Club


3 Ways to Add Atmosphere to Studio Shoots – Lindsay Adler


Rules of Composition aren’t rules, but guidelines

What matters is is the picture effective, does it show/convey the meaning / mood / feeling / impression you wanted it to. Look at Vogue and similar magazines. Look at the work of master painters. Are these images effective? Do they always follow the Rules (Rule of Thirds, where to crop people, etc.) strictly?

Artist or Art Field of the WeekPeter Lindbergh

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:
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