Photography News March 29, 2021

//Photography News March 29, 2021

Photography News March 29, 2021

Quote: “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” — Anonymous

In 1919, a seventeen-year-old San Francisco boy fell seriously ill.
My Golden Rule of Forest Photography (Not Fog) – Mads Peter Iversen – 13m
Three Ways to Sharper Photos With Adobe Lightroom
Behind the Scenes with Brooke Shaden & Lindsay Adler – 7m
Stormy Minimalist Landscape Photography – 14m – Mads Peter Iversen
More Photographers Being Stupid

Thought for the day: Discussion or Photos
In a group, I’m in one member recently complained that all people did was show photos of the area. She was partly right, we do show the photos of the area a lot and discuss them and the birds/flowers/old buildings/etc. that were in the photos.

She was partly wrong because, as many of you may have noticed, with everyone having a camera connected to their phone, we talk a lot more these days with images. We illustrate our day with photos to Instagram, Facebook and many other places. We have become much more visual in communication.

Is this a bad idea or just a different way of communicating (besides writing and speaking) or a new enhancement to normal every day speech?

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Catherine Leroypioneered an intimate style of combat photography in Vietnam  Corpsman in anguish, 1967 , first woman to receive the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award


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