Photography News March 7, 2022

//Photography News March 7, 2022

Photography News March 7, 2022

Quote: “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” – Ansel Adams


How To Create Your Photography Portfolio: Part 1

Photography Products on Life Support – what you may need to buy soon


Posing Full Figure Women with a One Light Setup – Lindsay Adler – 5m 33s


Complete Guide to Epic Smoke Bomb Portraits – 18m 44s


LED Flashlight photography: How to make an Ice Light


How to Save a Terribly Lit Portrait in Adobe Lightroom – 17m 12s


Thought for the day: Rare Visits to Special Locations – Photography plans

If you are in an exotic location that is hard to get to, for all your pictures that may be great, take all or most of them as:
— High Depth of Field
and use a tripod with a remote release
— Also try shooting from lower and higher than normal
— Maybe include some shots with a very HD filter that could allow a 10 second to 10 minute exposure
— If good clouds, for some pictures include a lot of clouds, if not great clouds mostly exclude the sky

And before you go, review pictures of the area that you may have taken earlier of that site and do review pictures of others, both images that are excellent and ones that fail. Figure out why some images failed.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Raghubir Singh

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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