Photography News May 17, 2021

//Photography News May 17, 2021

Photography News May 17, 2021

Quote: “Screw out the bolts of your life, examine and work on yourself, fix your life again and get going.” – Israelmore Ayivor

Orton Effect Tutorial – 7m
How To Create the Dragon effect in Photoshop 7m 22s (Suggested use: Older men)
Tips for Photography in Harsh Light – 21m
When to Use (and Not to Use) a Polarizer
Why museums hide masterpieces away – 6m

Thought for the day: Yet a Third Way of Comparing Lens Focal Lengths
Two weeks ago we considered if 2mm makes a difference in lens focal length. Here is another way.

Let’s compare different lenses with a subject 50’ away. Why 50’? Because where I live the property line for houses are 50’ apart. This means that you get use to seeing the size of a person or car 50 foot away from you

Lens – Image as if you were:
50mm  –  50’ away
100mm  –  25’ away
200mm  –  12.5’ away
1000mm  –  5’ away
Longer lenses don’t seem to gain much in this case. You could just take a few steps forward.  On the other hand maybe you can’t move from where you are.
2400mm → Full Moon fills a Full Frame camera sensor

And in the other direction:
Lens  –  Image as if you were:
50mm  –  50’ away
24mm  –  100’ away
10mm  –  500’ away
Might be more work to walk backwards 450’ compared to changing lenses.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Cindy Sherman TransformationOnline Photographer


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